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Top Tips For Staying Motivated Through Winter.

Do you struggle to find motivation during winter? Let Vision Personal Training show you how with our favourite top tips. Read more here.
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Weight Loss Articles

By Gabby Clegg at Mona Vale

It's cold, dark and rainy and you just want to stay in bed, sound familiar? Winter is truly upon us and it's getting harder to get up and get moving. Read on to get some great tips on why you need to keep your motivation and training up through the winter months. You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!

Schedule it in.

Book your training in, just like booking an important meeting at work or a booking for the doctors. You wouldn't miss those appointments, so don't put your training as the lowest priority. Try planning your training into your phone and your diary and setting reminders. If your trainer is waiting for you, you wouldn't want to let them down.

Try and organise some training with a friend or a small group, this can be as easy as saying I will meet you at the gym at a certain time for just going for a walk. You will be held accountable by your friends. These friends make up your circle of influence and should be friends that are going to help you with your fitness journey not hinder it!

Goal setting

Setting yourself a goal through winter is very important. Studies show it is harder to lose weight through winter so don't put too much pressure on yourself to lose a massive amount of weight. Pick a goal you know you will achieve but will also challenge you. Letting your circle of influence know what your goal is, is very important, so they can help you make the right decisions. The saying goes "your summer body is made in the winter" so don't leave it too late!

Winter foods

Usually in the winter, the food you want to eat comes in a bigger serve and is more filling. Foods such as hot chips, fried foods and desserts are more craved. Instead of these high calorie, low nutrient foods, enjoy the wide variety of winter vegetables that are available. Vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, pumpkin, squash and sweet potato are all better choices that will fill you up just as much.


Don't let the peer pressure from work mates or friends pull you in to the bar on a Friday night after work. You are more likely to drink more in a social setting as people get more and more rounds. Don't make it a habit to go the pub or bar every week just because it's cold and dark. Instead try and organise a meal out where you can choose a healthy dinner and can keep an eye on your alcohol intake. Remember all alcohol yields 29 kilojoules of energy per gram. Some different alcohol beverages are higher than others in carbohydrates so try and pick the low carb beer over the full strength when possible.  Even better try to substitute alcohol with soda water and fresh lime or green tea.

Hope these tips help you over the winter months to stay on track and get ready for summer! 



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