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Top 5 Tips for Travelling

Do you travel often? Let Vision Personal Training show you how you can travel and stay on track with our five top tips.
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Weight Loss Articles

By Bradley Brandl at Drummoyne

1. Things to look for: Fridge, freezer, microwave, toaster, stove, oven, sink and kettle. Knowing what you have available will determine the foods you can prepare and store while away! Finding the nearest grocery shop: Muesli bars, wraps, deli meat, fruit/veg.  Avoid eating out every meal by easily picking up some healthy and easy options to take back to your accommodation for morning/afternoon tea. If possible make use of your kitchen for full meals as well!


2. Always book a house/apartment over a hotel, this way you have a kitchen to prepare food. Checking to see if your accommodation has a gym/pool. You can keep active and get in those pesky cardio sessions to help maintain or even a weights session so you don't miss out on your weekly requirement.


3. Bring your protein powder with you! Yes, you can travel with it, the easiest way to take it and to save the most space is fill a Tupperware container with it or use zip lock bags! This ensures you don't miss out on your protein requirements!


4. Make sure to pack your joggers! This gives you no excuses to go for a nice long walk or even a run, explore the area! Allows you to walk to events/restaurants/activities, anything! Remember the golden rule - Move more, eat better!


5. When planning your To Do list for the holiday, find enjoyable activities that keep you active! Some great examples would be - Hiking, climbing, kayaking, bike rides, skating and most important, exploring the city! On foot or a push bike! (You get to see a whole lot more this way!)


Follow these tips and you'll avoid having excuses along the way!



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