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The Winter Weight.

Avoid the winter kilos this year. Let Vision Personal Training show you how to avoid the winter weight and stay on track with your goals.

By Dan Giufre at Bondi Junction

Alright- Winter is coming and for most people that can mean a few things:

• Less physical activity

• Comfort food

• Less structured exercise

• Fat gain • Feeling lethargic

• General decreased motivation

All these factors together not only effect how you feel, but manifest themselves physically in the way you look, the quality of your work and even those around you. The list could go on but we figure you get the idea… Funnily enough we see a sharp decline in the people joining us through the winter periods. Instead people choose to wait until spring to get back in shape, but by then - Yep! It's too late.

According to Lawrence J. Cheskin, founder and director of the John Hopkins Weight Management Centre, the average person will gain between 2.5-5kgs over the winter period. We know that a healthy sustainable amount of Fat Loss per week is 0.5kg per week. This means that it will take 5 to 10 weeks of eating and training well to get you back to your pre-winter weight and by that time you're already 1 month into Summer.

So, here's how we can help:

• Keep you warm: We are indoors and have heated studios

• Keep you motivated: Your goals are our priority. Our jobs are to make sure you walk out of the studio better off than when you walked in

• Education: We want to give you as much knowledge as we can to help you make informed eating and exercise choices- we know how much BS is out there!

• Consistency: Same trainer, same time every week to make sure you can create some routine and form healthy habits.

• Get Results: We Guarantee results with this simple promise: follow your program 100% for the first 9 weeks, and in the unlikely event you do not achieve the agreed results, we will not only give you your money back, we will train you for free until you do

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

Are you our next success story?

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