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Creating Lasting Positive Change & Weight Loss

At Vision PT, our focus is lasting change. Here we share our top 10 tips for creating lasting positive change and weight loss.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Jack Smith at Southport

Now, more than ever before Australia as a nation is getting fatter and unhealthier.  Levels of obesity, suicide, depression, diabetes, heart disease are more prominent than ever.  At the same time, there is more gyms, personal trainers, education, diets, training plans available to the general public than ever before but we are fighting a losing battle.  If you don't want to become another statistic, but make some positive lasting change to become a fitter, healthier, lighter, happier you then following these 10 simple principles will go a long way in helping you on your journey:

  1. Eat enough food to satify your body and macronutrient requirements, without either missing out or over eating certain macronutrients.  Don't know what your body requires for nutritional intake?  Then a Vision Personal Trainer can easily assist you to ascertain your required intake.
  2. Be sure to time your intake of carbohydrates around exercise to give yourself best results.  If you perform cardiovascular exercise to help lose body fat, then you need make sure sure fat storage from the body is the energy source used whilst training.  To ensure this wait until your last meal has been processed by the body before performing cardio: either 2-3hrs after or perform cardio before eating in the morning on an empty stomach.  When weight training, it is important to make sure you have enough energy to lift heavy weights to be able to tear muscle fibres and force adaptation, this means you may need to eat before performing weight training.
  3. Stimulate your metabolism by eating regularly.  Every time you eat a meal (big or small) your body undertakes a process called thermogeneis, where the food taken in has to be broken down and processed.  This process is an actual spike in metabolism as it forces the body to burn more energy than it normally would (basal metabolic rate), therefore eating more regularly will actually help to burn more energy every day
  4. Incorporate an Accelerator day into your weekly routine.  An accelerator day once a week will significantly assist in reducing stored carbohydrate or fat in the body, where carbohydrate intake is limited for a day which forces the body to look to its stores to continue to provide energy.
  5. Follow an exercise program that is suited to your body type.  Different body shapes and types respond differently to the ratios of cardiovascular training and weight training.  Don't know what program will best suit you?  A Vision Personal Trainer will be able to quickly build a program best suited to your needs.
  6. Make sure you can balance training, nutrition, work, family, hobbies and general life!  This is probably the most important factor to long term success!  Too often it happens where someone decides to "get fit for summer" and commits to not drinking, cutting carbohydrates and increasing exercise for a certain amount of time.  This often leads to burnout and frustration as they will miss out on the parts of thier life they have put to the side for this training block.  Very quickly it can happen where the new regime is completely forgotten about and bad habits sneak back in again.  It is important to establish a nutrition and exercise plan that you can committ to for 6 months, 3 years, the rest of your life so you can continue to get awesome results as opposed to the yo-yo dieter.
  7. Involve a friend to train with.  Training with a friend is much more enjoyable, keeps you accoutnable to eachother and maintains healthy ways to keep your friendship as opposed to meeting up to eat or drink.
  8. Get Educated!  Learn as much as you can about nutrition and exercise
  9. Set Goals.  Set and monitor goals for yourself to continually achieve and find satisfaction in
  10. Get Help!  Enlist the services of Vision Personal Training, who will help you in all the above 9 tips to get yourself in the best shape of your life!  Training with a Vision Personal Trainer will give you peace of mind, where the results are assured and you are training with highly trained skilled happy trainers who want to see you succeed.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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