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The Scale - Friend or Foe?

Do you weigh yourself every day? In this Vision Personal Training article we discuss whether the scale is your friend or in fact a foe.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Ryan Bartlett at Surrey Hills


We use technology almost every minute of our day. We are given real-time feedback on almost anything that we can measure, helping us to keep us accountable to whatever it is we have set out to achieve. Most of the time, technology helps make life easier. It gives us confidence that we are doing the right things and using our time most efficiently.

When it comes to health and fitness there is one form of feedback that can tear us apart…

If we let it.

It can break down all our personal confidence and has the power to dictate our day, change our behaviour and, and potentially define who we are as a person.

This feedback is from the scales.

But the obesity rate is on the rise, so shouldn't we worry about how much we weigh?

In short, yes, we should.

Studies have shown that if you are overweight, you are less likely to get a good job, people will treat you differently, and you will even earn less. So it's crucial we understand what our current state is.

However, the scales are only part of the story. When commencing a personalised eating and exercise program to reduce body fat, the scales are a tool that can help measure progress and assist in accountability. It can determine if we are on track and the designed program is working.

Since there are so many variables within the human body that influence the number you see on the scale, it is important that you don't put 100% emphasis on the number you see. For many people, the scale does more than measure our body weight. It somehow defines who we are as a person. And sadly, it can determine our own self-worth.

So when is enough, enough?

1. You constantly worry about weighing in.

When you're trying to lose weight, it's common to experience hesitation when it's time for your weekly weigh in. After all, you want to see the numbers go down as confirmation that all of your hard work is paying off. We are so accustomed to instant gratification, wanting to be rewarded for our efforts, that it can be discouraging when you have done everything right and the numbers don't shift. If you find yourself preoccupied with worrisome thoughts of what the scale is going to say tomorrow or the next day, then you might be a little too obsessed with the scale.

2. You weigh in more than once per day.

Vision Personal Training recommends weighing in once a week. The reason? Your body weight can and will fluctuate from day to day, and change throughout a single day, too. There is no long term benefit in putting yourself on that roller coaster of ups and downs. If you become that concerned and you begin to weigh yourself daily or several times a day, you are fighting a losing battle and you will be discouraged. If you can't control yourself or stop yourself from weighing in each day, then this could be a sign you need to stop.

3. The scale determines how you feel about yourself for the day.

When the number is down, you step off the scale singing and have a jump in your step all day. When the number goes up (or stays the same when you expected a loss), you feel depressed walking around questioning everything.

This is potentially the worst situation of all. Letting the scale dictate how you should feel. You need to question yourself;

How would you feel about yourself if you hadn't weighed in that day?

What other ways would you determine your self-worth if weight didn't exist?

Where to from here?

Instead letting the scale alone determine your success, at Vision Personal Training Surrey Hills, use a combination of reliable measures to determine your progress. Our philosophy is, whether your goal is weight loss, body transformation, improved health or increased strength and fitness, it is not our #1 priority. These individual results are achieved through lifestyle changes and the development of healthy habits, like improving your diet and a commitment to regular exercise, making this our focus and taking control of our decision and actions every day.

When it's time for your weekly accountably check in with the scales and you don't happen to see the results you had hoped for, rather than focusing on that you need to ask yourself: Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing? Am I making healthy food choices? Am I exercising consistently?

If your answers are yes, but you are still disappointed, you must discuss with your trainer. They can coach you through the process, and learning how to trust the process. Trust that your body is making positive changes, and the results will come.

If your answer is no, then work on learning how to develop the habits. This will lead to consistency, creating the new healthy behaviours that will lead to the results you desire.

To find out more about how we can assist, contact us about our weight loss-coaching program, where we take you through the ins and out of a sustainable lifestyle change, tailored to your individual specific goals and needs, with our expert body transformation specialists.


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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