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The Importance Of Consistency When You're Feeling Demotivated

Do you believe in motivation or consistency? Let Vision Personal Training show you why consistency is so much more important than motivation.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Phil Jackson

 We all know the key to long term success and results with our health and fitness is in the art of creating good habits and long lasting lifestyle changes. That's why it is so important to stay consistent with our exercise and nutrtion, so that we don't lapse into old habits or simply give up and tell ourselves "this is too hard".

This is why the art of consistency is so important, so during those times when you are lacking motivation and feeling like you are getting nowhere (especially over winter), just knowing that you are keeping some sort of consistency with your training and nutrition will mean that you won't totally go off the rails and can easily get back into routine when you get your mojo back.

Focussing each week on keeping simple habits with exercise like simply getting outside and walking for 30 minutes a few times a week or maintaining your meal frequency during the day will keep you on track and having the attitude that doing something is better than doing nothing.

Here are some simple ways to stay consistent and in control:

Sticking to your training plan:  Committing to your training plan is so important when your motivation is low, we all know that exercise produces endorphins, reduces stress and makes you feel better but when times get tough it can be the first thing to go. So making sure you're committed to completing 3 or 4 exercise sessions in your week is essential, whether they be a PT session, group session or simply a walk outside, just by completing a session you are making progress.

Consistent Nutrition habits:  Its important to undertsand that you don't always have to be a saint with nutrition, a lot of the time when you deprive yourself of a certain food and tell yourself you can't have it, that's when you'll want it most and tend to binge. So by focussing on making sure you're having more good meals than bad and are maintaining your meal frequency during the day, you can allow yourself to have that treat or meal out during the week knowing that it won't have a massive effect on your results, while also it takes away that temptation of losing all control and bingeing.

Having an accountability buddy:  Having someone to be there when you exercise or someone that will help you with your nutritional habits is so important when trying to stay consistent with your fitness, whether they be a trainer, friend or loved one, just having someone in your corner that will keep you motivated and accountable will be the difference between continuing on your journey or stopping all together.

 Everyone will go through stages of de-motivation, it is just a matter of when. The most important point is that you just can't stop! With your exercise and nutrtion, whether your efforts are big or small, simply by keeping consistent and healthy habits will keep you on track towards your desired level of health and fitness.


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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