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The Best Gift You Can Give Your Kids - Vision Personal Training

What if we told you the best gift you could give your kids is your health? Let Vision Personal Training show you how you can make this possible.
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Weight Loss Articles

By John Carpenter at Mona Vale

Work, emails, partner, catch up with family, training, shopping, household chores, more work - the list goes on and on. With an ever increasing demand to keep up with life today it's sometimes amazing how we can find any time to devote to our children and ensure they grow up in the best possible manner.

As a Father of two young boys I've definitely felt the shift over the last few years in how manic my life has become and how you really need to be on your game to juggle each day and week as they fly past (and they really do fly past).

So today I want to discuss with you the idea of 'the best gift we can give our children'. And I'm not going to beat around the bush, the answer is simple really - the best gift we can give our kids is ourselves, it's YOURSELF.

Yes, we all want to do our best to provide our kids with a good education and schooling, be able to buy them great birthday and Christmas presents, take them on nice holidays, and ensure they're as healthy as can be. But all these things won't mean a thing if there hasn't been that positive role model in their life.

This is where we as parents come in, and what I meant be the best gift being yourself, is that we have a responsibility to be those ROLE MODELS for our children. Now there are many ways we can be positive role models - emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially, etc., etc. Today we're going to look at the Health & Wellness component of it all.

With anxiety, depression and youth suicide higher than ever - role modelling healthy exercise and eating habits is more important than ever. We know that regular exercise boosts energy levels, improves mood, lifts self-confidence and self-belief, and is great to clear the mind. We also know that healthy eating habits ensure stronger immune systems, promote quality sleep, prevent disease and illness, and regulate normal bodily function - and health starts from the inside out.

So, knowing that a healthy body equals a healthy mind and a positive outlook and zest for life, how can we ensure our kids follow suit? Well monkey see, monkey do! We can teach them all this stuff, they'll probably learn about in school and see it on TV, but actions speak louder than words. It's up to us to demonstrate those behaviours we know will be beneficial for our children each and every day.

No need to overcomplicate it and put unnecessary pressure on yourself - simply exercise for 20-30 minutes a few times a week, drink alcohol in moderation, have quality sleep patterns and ensure you have healthy and sustainable eating habits (sustainable meaning go out for that burger and chips every now and then, don't deprive yourself).

If we can be that role model for our children and encourage and support them along the way with their Health & Wellness, they'll grow up with great levels of self-esteem, a healthy respect for their body and hopefully be in a position to inspire and be role models themselves to their friends and other family members.

It starts with you! Good luck!



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