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Seven Simple Ways To Stay Healthy Over Easter

There is nothing more irresistible than chocolate at easter! Let the experts at Vision Personal Training show you 7 ways to stay healthy this easter.
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Weight Loss Articles

By Joe Sprange at Mosman

Seven Simple Ways To Stay Healthy Over Easter

Easter is only just around the corner and with the holiday comes plenty of temptations.

Chocolate eggs line the shelves of supermarkets and hot cross buns are stacked at the front of stores in mounds. There really is no escaping it. Delicious, but not so nutritious, food will be everywhere.

Balance is important so here are some simple tips to making healthy choices over Easter.

Be aware of serving sizes

A little chocolate egg looks very cute and innocent. But when one egg turns into two and two turns into the whole packet, the kilojoules start to add up.

There's no need to completely deprive yourself but be aware that some of those chocolate goodies can be very high in energy.


Drink water instead of wine

Alcohol is a toxin but it's important to remember it also contains energy.

If you're at an Easter gathering, there's little doubt there will be some alcohol on offer. Don't go crazy on the wine or the beers. Set yourself a limit of one glass and drink it slowly. Instead of refilling your glass, reach for the water. You'll thank yourself the next day!


Move your body every day

It's easy to get complacent with exercise over the holidays, especially when there's lots of food involved. But make it your mission to move your body every day. Whether that means going to the gym, doing some yoga, going for a run or just walking the dog for a quick 20-minutes - every step counts.


Organise activities for the kids that'll work up a sweat

When the Easter eggs hunts are done and dusted, try to get the kids off their screens and doing something physical.

Play a bit of backyard cricket or a game of touch footy, getting moving is good for you and the kids.

Bring healthy options to dinner parties

If you're hosting or heading to an Easter gathering, think about preparing some healthy options to please the crowd.

A fruit platter and a fresh salad are great additions to any table, try and get a little creative.


Stop when you're full

Your body is good at letting you know when you're hungry or when you're full. Instead of getting yourself into a food coma and getting sick, be in tune with your body and listen to what it's telling you.

Food doesn't have to be thrown out. It can be refrigerated, frozen or put away for another time. It doesn't have to all be eaten at once.


Think about what you're putting on your plate

When you're putting food on your plate, think about what's going to really nourish your body. Load up on veggies, especially leafy green vegetables, and make sure you're eating some protein. Look for some grilled lean meat or seafood.

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