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Progress Not Perfection

No truer words have ever been said - progress, not perfection. Let Vision PT show you how small achievable steps equal life-changing results.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Chris Foy at North Sydney


Stop for a second and think about where you want to get to…

Is it a fair way off?

Is it to going to take some time, work and consistency to get there?

Let me tell you right now that you won't be, nor do you need to be perfect every week in order to get your result.

I see so many clients who beat themselves up about not achieving the weekly weigh in they had expected. Perhaps they only lost ½ a kilo instead of a whole kilo or they didn't quite get in all of their cardio requirements for the week because other things in their life got in the way.

Progress is progress!!!! Honestly it doesn't matter if it's a small amount this week, you are still headed in the right direction. When I'm stoked about the 400g lost on the scales this week, my clients are sometimes confused. "You're happy with that?" they ask me. My answer is "Hell yes, I am happy" Imagine if you consistently do that every week for the next 6 months - that's over 10kg of fat lost! It's actually much better to lose fat slowly and in a more sustainable manner than to do it quickly and then put it all back on once you have achieved your initial goal.

There is no benefit in beating yourself up about it, it doesn't help to be striving for perfect every week because that just isn't realistic. Results are never linear, there are going to be better weeks and worse weeks but if you are striving for just a little bit of progress every week then every week you can have a little win, you can get that little bit better and that little bit closer to achieving your goal. If you are expecting perfect every week then you are just setting yourself up for failure. Managing your expectations is also extremely important but that's really a topic for another article.

You can apply this to increases in strength and muscle as well. You should be aiming to put extra weight on the bar incrementally, not with large amounts every week, otherwise you leave yourself nowhere to go and again, large amounts are not sustainable, the body just doesn't work that way.

So next time you are feeling frustrated that things aren't moving as quickly as you had hoped, remember that it's a process and if you can have a little bit of progress each week then that is amazing!

Keep at it.


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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