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Overcoming Weight loss Barriers

It's never easy to overcome weight loss barriers that present themselves. Let the experts at Vision PT show how you can best navigate these barriers.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Nathan Weidemann at Prahran

Starting your weight loss journey isn't easy, we might have the best intentions but sometimes life just gets in the way.

Many people's weight loss efforts fail because they are faced with hurdles along the way that derail their progress. To sustain a healthy lifestyle you need to know what these hurdles are, and how we can overcome them before they become a issue.

Some of the common problems you need to be aware and stay clear of are:

Eating to kill time,

Do you ever get bored or tired so you reach for food? It's a common issue for many of us. Many times this urge to eat doesn't come from the feeling of real hunger, but from boredom. Every time you find yourself snooping through the cupboards or fridge for a snack, ask your self are you really hungry? Take note; see if there is a pattern in this behavior, for example are you doing this every night at a certain time? Or do you do it when you're feeling grumpy or stressed? Recognizing why and when you do it is the first step in kicking this habit.
Tips to overcome this: Drink water to satisfy your cravings, call a friend or go for a walk to keep yourself busy.

You Struggle to say no to your friends,

Trying your hardest to cut out junk food and sweets, but you're always getting invited out for dinner by friends and you don't want to let them down so you go along. You end up eating something you shouldn't have and then feel terrible about it. You find yourself saying yes to these scenarios because you want to see your friends and make sure you keep them happy

Tips to overcome this: Order a healthy option, if no healthy options available settle for a tea or water. Let your family and friends know your health goals, this way they can support your health and fitness journey.

You use every meal out as a treat,

If  you eat out quite often whether its lunch out of the office or weekly dinner catch ups with friends, you may use the opportunities to treat yourself. Treats here and there are fine, but ordering deep fried chips on the side to each meal out of home, will derail your progress. Don't celebrate your meal out by eating whatever you want.
Tips to overcome this: Ensure you make the best choices possible on the menu and if need be tell the waiter to remove certain foods like chips and replace with vegetables.

You Struggle to say no to office treats,

Are there always temptation around the office, and instead of stopping at one, you eat four, and then beat yourself up about it? Be realistic about these situations, if you know your work place has treats available weekly that you can't resist, don't restrict yourself. Our minds are funny things, and sometimes by telling yourself you can't have something we tend to want it more. Allow yourself one little treats a week, and the rest of the time practice saying 'no' firmly.
Tips to overcome this: Having your own healthy snacks at work as back up and ensuring you have enough good fats such as nuts to reduces cravings late in the afternoon

You think you have already blown it,

This is one of the most common reasons people sabotage their weight loss efforts. We have all been there before, eaten something we shouldn't have and then decided to keep going. If you get the mind set of 'I can keep eating because i have already blown it for the day, I'll start again tomorrow' then you could seriously be destroying your weight loss efforts. This can be a very dangerous habit to get into, making one mistake and following it up with 10 more can get you into a very bad habit. It's much easier for your body to digest one piece of cake compared to a whole cake.
Tips to overcome this: Accept that you have made 1 poor choice and get back on horse. Allow yourself to have a treat, if you have 5-6 small meals per day that's 42 meal for the week, if 1 or 2 aren't perfect this will not affect your long term goal.

You  Comfort eat,

This is another major thing a lot of us slip up on, and can be very hard to avoid. Lots of people, turn to food when they are stressed or upset to make themselves feel better, feel good when they are eating out but then they are faced with the same problem of feeling guilty for eating too much. It is a cycle that can have a negative effect on your weight loss efforts.
Tips to overcome this: Avoid food as you comfort, read a book, listen to music even call a friend to distract you from the thought of eating. The best things to do hit the gym or go for a walk, exercising with release endorphins which will make you feel good.

You just need to remember it's not always going to be easy sticking to your weight loss and healthy lifestyle plan and mistakes to happen, that's just part of life. Try not to beat yourself up about them, but also be smart and realize what the triggers are that try and ruin it. A lot of the time it is a mental battle, and by making small changes here and there and benign firm with yourself, you can overcome these barriers!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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