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Navigating the silly season

Navigating the silly season can be a challenge. Let our experts at Vision Personal Training show you how to manage the silly season and stay on track.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Jack Smith at Southport

With the Holiday season approaching very quickly, it's a great time to start planning a path of least damage to navigate through the silly season.

The first and most important thing is to be realistic and set achievable goals.   Lunches, dinners, work drinks, street parties and catch ups will inevitably be consuming the majority of your weeks. You should be able to enjoy yourself, and you can, if you have a good plan!

  1. Aim to maintain your weight during the holiday period. Be realistic and take some of the pressure of weight loss away. You can focus on this in the New Year, have a goal session planned with your trainer before and/or after Christmas/New Years;
  2. Use your diary to plan the events that you have, you can then plan some group training sessions around these to help offset potential weight gain;
  3. If you have time off work, be sure to plan some early morning walks, daily if possible, before your breakfast is the best time;
  4. Prepare your daily meals to your macros, what you can control, control.   Be sure to eat healthy, wholesome food so your social meals won't add up too much.
  5. Pick the best options when you are out for dinner - stick to leaner proteins like chicken, white fish, pork and others like eye fillet or salmon.   Order a side of vegetables or salad instead of chips;
  6. Plan regular lower carbohydrate days around bigger social events, stick to lots of protein, vegetables, salads, nuts, avocado etc on these days.
  7. Weigh yourself twice per week to ensure you're on track to maintaining your weight;
  8. Ensure you're drinking enough water daily. Dehydration can occur quickly and will significantly impact your weight and energy levels.
  9. Stick to your macros - if you're eating different foods that's ok. Track these to ensure your calories aren't sky rocketing;
  10. Eat something before you go - fill up on your good meals so you aren't tempted as much by the dip, cheese and chocolate!

If you're unsure how to make the best plan for you, sit with your trainer so you can confidently breeze through the holidays while enjoying yourself!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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