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Navigating Eating Out

Sticking to your macros can be challenging, especially when dining out. Let our experts at Vision PT help you navigate dining out without missing out.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Haydn Kiel at Southport

When trying to reach your health and fitness goals it can be a quite frustrating trying to navigate the social events you get invited to. They always seem to pop up at the worst times, just when you are starting to make some serious progress and starting to feel awesome. I've been working in the fitness industry for the last 7 years with clients and have seen how quickly a single event can bring undone our healthy living intentions for weeks after the event!

We have put together a few easy options for you to try when facing a birthday or eating out!

  • WATER INTAKE: This is a very simple one, water obviously has so many benefits but one of our favourites is the fact that it helps you stay full. We always recommend trying to consume 2 litres a day but a good trick is to drink a glass of water after or with each meal! This helps trick the mind and stomach into thinking its full.


  • READ THE MENU BEFORE GOING! There always going to be good options on the menu, you need to be prepared and check it before you go. Most places will have salad options but we always recommend having steak or fish with a nice salad (no chips of course). Also asking for the dressing on the side can help you choose the amount that you put on.


  • TRAIN THE DAY OF THE EVENT: Getting a workout in before you go out can be a good way to burn some more energy. We recommend doing some cardio like a walk/run for about 45 mins the day of the outing. If you strapped for time something like a HIIT session will do the trick.


  • KEEP THE EATING OUT ISOLATED: In my opinion the next day is the most important. This is where the real damage can be done. If you have had a few drinks the urge to eat bad is high. If you nail the day after you can normally get away with any social outing. If you make 1 bad meal choice you need to keep it at that. Don't let it become 2,3,4 bad meals in a row.


  • Choose low GI foods like brown rice or sweet potato.
  • Drink soda water and fresh lime instead of alcohol.
  • If going to a friend's place take your own food options or a healthy salad to share.
  • Have a protein shake or snack right before you go.


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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