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Is Swimming Good For Weight Loss?

There are many ways that you can begin your journey towards your goal weight.

By Vision Personal Training

There are many ways that you can begin your journey towards your goal weight. From simple exercises at home to activities outside the house — the possibilities are endless.

One such example is swimming. Swimming is a fantastic, low-impact activity that can contribute to your weight loss goals while building strength and muscle in many areas of your body. 

How is swimming good for weight loss?

Like many forms of cardio, swimming works for weight loss by increasing your heart rate, which helps you burn those unwanted calories. The beauty of swimming as a workout activity is that it uses many different muscles in ways that you would not in everyday life. By working these muscles, you are able to keep your body in the fat-burning zone. 

Swimming is a full-body workout that involves the simultaneous use of muscles in your arms and legs as well as strengthening your core, making it superior to regular body workouts that may only focus on one set of muscles at a time. By incorporating a full-body workout into your exercise regime, you are more likely to achieve successful weight loss at a rate that is healthy and sustainable for your body. 

How effective is swimming for weight loss?

Many personal trainers incorporate swimming into their weight loss routines as it is such an effective contributor to both losing weight and toning muscle. The resistance that you experience in the water when swimming is what makes this such a valuable form of exercise, as it can help you improve your flexibility without the toll of high-impact exercise.

Being a low-impact activity, swimming is good for a wider range of people than most regular exercises. For those that are dealing with injuries but still want to maintain a regular workout regime, swimming is an activity that can be continued without further impacting areas of your body that are performing at less than 100%. 

What to eat after swimming for weight loss

The most effective way to achieve weight loss is with a balanced diet that is coordinated with your workout regime. Firstly, it is important that you eat within 1 hour of a swimming session to refuel your body and kickstart your metabolism. It is also important to focus on what food you eat after swimming to ensure that your workout has the highest impact.

A high-carb meal together with lean protein is most commonly recommended after swimming to ensure that you are adequately replenishing your energy and nutrient stores. Your body takes time to process carbohydrates, so lean protein is important to ensure that you are replacing what has been depleted from your muscles during your swim. 

How a personal trainer can help with an effective weight loss strategy

Whether you’re wondering what to eat after swimming for weight loss or how often you should swim to achieve your specific weight loss goals, a personal trainer can help you to plan a fitness regime that will be highly effective for you. Personal training is all about designing a health and fitness plan that is specific to your body and your goals that will result in you achieving success

At Vision Personal Training, your health and well-being are our number one priority. All our studios around the country offer experienced and professional personal trainers that will work with you to achieve your weight loss goals. Contact us to make an appointment with one of our highly skilled personal trainers and begin your journey towards your goal weight today.

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