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Immune System Health and Danger

Our immune system plays a crucial role in our overall health and wellbeing. In this Vision PT article, we share why and what you need to know.
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Weight Loss Articles

By Sam Gleeson at Mona Vale

The immune system is the organs and processes of the body that provide resistance to infections, toxins and disease. Certain lifestyle habits and diets can improve or weaken the immune system making yourself healthier or more vulnerable to disease. Especially at current times with isolation on the cards and high risk of corona virus it is imperative for individuals and families to develop healthy habits which improve the immune system.


Firstly, here are some examples of what will weaken your system. The most obvious and highest risk is a sedentary lifestyle, when you spend most of your time sitting down or at rest it not only weakens the immune system but wears away your body e.g. you will lose muscle mass, weaken bone density and weaken your heart and lung's ability to function. Not only this but your diet is essential; lack of certain foods and vitamins along with the consumption of alcohol and sugar. Sugar heavily deteriorates the immune system in that it slows down its ability to function and respond to infections, as well as heavy or consistent amounts of alcohol which will 100% also wear away your body inside out, dehydrating you, increasing the acidity/PH level in your stomach and working away at organs like your liver and kidneys which also means it hurts your immune system.


To counter this, here is what will keep your immune system strong and also improve you towards a healthier lifestyle. Exercise! Even though you will need to avoid groups of people, exercise is fundamental to living longer and healthier. So, discovering alternatives such as online training or outdoor training (resistance and cardio training) will develop/maintain your body's muscle mass and bone density and progress your organ health to develop a stronger immune system. But for the training to be effective you also need a strong diet high in protein and healthy carbs and fats. And of course, some vitamins which are essential for the immune system:

•             Vitamin C (found in oranges, supports cellular function an antioxidants)

•             Vitamin D (you get from sun exposure improves bone marrow/health and immune system)

•             Vitamin A (found in foods such as sweet potato, broccoli and carrots to regulate the immune system)

•             Vitamin E (found in almonds, spinach and broccoli it acts as an antioxidant in the immune system)

For any further questions on the immune system and general health feel to message the wonderful team at Vision Personal Training Mona Vale. Stay strong out there everybody!!



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