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I Never Knew

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Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By JO HURST at Stanmore

I never knew:

  1. Eating consistently throughout the day will help me lose weight.

Maintaining your metabolism and fuelling the fire every three hours will help burn body fat and feed your muscles

  1. Exercising first thing in the morning has its benefits.

Not only are you more likely to be burning those fat stores due to the overnight fasting, the endorphins released will help you feel great all day

  1. Eating a diet rich in protein may help curb those 3pm slumps.

Food high in protein takes time to be processed and helps you feel full for longer. Making sure your lunch and afternoon tea contain a good serve of lean protein will help get you through to dinner without snacking on high sugar carb loaded treats you may crave in the afternoon.

  1. Training with a friend can increase motivation

Having an appointment with a friend to go for a walk, do a class together or just train with each other is very motivating as it stops you finding an excuse to NOT train. It's always fun with friends

  1. Vision Virtual Training has a Vision TV channel full of great tutorials

Log onto VVT on the bus and take a quick look through the amazing range of articles, tutorials and videos available to help educate, motivate and inspire. Try a different one each day for a month


Stay tuned for our next INK spot article and you will never have to say I never knew.


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