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How to Stay Fit in Winter

Summer bodies are made in the winter. Let the experts at Vision Personal Training show you how to stay fit during winter. Click here to read more.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Alex Allegrini and Ben Kayser at Drummoyne

It doesn't last long in Australia, but it's long enough and cold enough to make achieving your health and fitness goals that much harder! Read on to find out a couple of simple ways to stay fit in Winter.

  • It doesn't go on forever! Realistically the cold mornings only last 3-4 months or so - grind it out for the short term to reap the rewards in the long term!
  • Keep your eye on the prize - summer bodies are made in winter! Have a clear goal and timeline - winter is actually over very quickly and we know to make significant changes in your body takes time so if you leave it until August/September it's too late!
  • Get inside - seeing a trainer or joining an indoor Group Training facility takes away the barrier of exercising in the freezing cold and can help you get through the 12 or so weeks of brisk weather.
  • Get a trainer or commit with a friend - if you have someone waiting for you, it will help keep you accountable as others are relying on you to turn up! You'll also have support and encouragement which can be enough to help you win the battle with the blankets.
  • Realise that 90% of your workout consists of just turning up. The 10% that counts won't happen without that 90%. Focus on just getting dressed and turning up, the rest will take place in due course.
  • Have a routine - motivation is an emotion that comes and goes - if you rely on motivation, you will never get anything done. Like that saying 'if we waited for only good days to get things done we'd never finish anything'. Set a weekly training/food plan and COMMIT to it, rain, hail or shine. For example, every Monday morning you walk on the treadmill or Saturday mornings you meet a friend for a run and then have a healthy breakfast. Humans are systematic and habitual creatures - build good habits!


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