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How to make (and stick to) your health resolutions

Let the experts at Vision Personal Training show you how to make (and stick to) you health resolutions for good! Click here to read more.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Jack Smith at Southport

It's the beginning of a new year, a fresh start, a clean slate. For many of us this means dusting off the running shoes and testing out the new fitbit or gps watch Christmas present to make up for all the overindulgences made over the festive period. The sad, but confronting truth is that the majority of people who make health based new year's resolutions fail to keep these objectives and goals past the first couple of months of the year, slowly slipping backwards as good intentions make way for comfort and laziness.

Do not let this be you!

Make 2016 the year where you make a change! Achieve your goals: lose 10kg, run a marathon, run that dreaded hill near your house, you are in control of your future!

With this being said, there are some key steps you can make a part of your life in order to turn your new year's resolutions from distant hopes to stepping stones on the path to a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Make SMART goals: If your goal isn't specific, measureable, achievable, realistic or time bound then it's a wish, not a goal.
  2. Get your circle of influence to keep you accountable: Find a training partner, tell workmates your goals, keep your family informed of your training plan. You are more likely to succeed if you broadcast your intentions to people and then find others willing to take the same steps as you to do it together.
  3. Track your progress: Even small progressions every week are enough to keep motivation levels up. Too often people believe they aren't getting good results so they simply give up. If everything is being tracked, at least alterations can be made and measured to see what is/isn't working.
  4. Make a plan: Make a plan and follow it!
  5. Set ongoing goals: This is a lifestyle enhancement, not a short period of huffing and puffing. As you get fitter and healthier, begin to set more difficult, different and interesting goals to keep you engaged and interested in progressing. Beginning training is about enjoying yourself and living a longer, more fruitful life so set goals you truly want to achieve and you will find yourself becoming more fulfilled as you set and achieve each goal.
  6. Place yourself in the hands of an expert. If you are unsure about how or what to do, lack motivation or need accountability find yourself a great Personal Trainer. Vision Personal Training is your personal support team, where we guarantee results and always will look to find the best way to help YOU achieve. No fad diets. No strenuous exercise. Simply a fast, fun program tailored just for you.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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