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How to lose stubborn belly fat

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Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Jess Gazal at Rose Bay

We all know the struggle with that extra bit of 'belly fat' that won't seem to budge… so how can we get rid of it for once and for all? There's only one way to do that and it doesn't matter how many ab exercises are involved - we need balanced and healthy nutrition! Tough I know, we'd all rather do the exercise but… it doesn't need to be!

The best advice to stay on top of your nutrition is to prep and plan! We plan out almost every other part of our day why aren't we planning our food? Following Vision Macronutrients takes out the guess work and makes planning your food the easiest part of your day!

The first step is understanding how to meal prep - Meal prepping can be daunting and it can look like a massive task to do before the week has even started! The best advice? Plan and break it up, that is the key to staying on top of your nutrition! A little time spent planning at the beginning of the week or even just the night before can save a lot of time and stress later in the week and it will have you on your way to losing that belly fat!! There are three easy steps you need to break it down into:

Step 1 - select your recipes and meals,

Step 2 - shop for the ingredients and then

Step 3 - actually get to the prepping, the sooner you prep once you're home the easier it will be!

Dinner can be the hardest meal to plan for with most of our clients cooking for multiple people so the best way to plan your day is to start there, if you're cooking family friendly meals then ensure they are the first to be included in your food diary and work backwards. Keep those recipes simple, there is no need for cooking to be a huge chore. For recipe ideas there is always exciting, simple and easy new recipes at /recipes/ as well as on Vision Virtual Training.

From here it's time to start lunch, with a general rule being that most sources say cooked meats can last 3 - 4 days in the fridge and cooked rice and veggies can last 3 - 5… use that to your advantage. Leftovers from dinner are always a good idea and saves time by cooking that little bit extra each night. Make it work for you, no two people will meal prep the same so know your schedule if you're on the run that day maybe a sandwich or wrap is a better alternative, if you've got a bit of extra time throw that extra bit of protein in with a bit of brown rice you've prepared. Again, planning ensures you can have exciting meals with lots of variety, so try to track your food either at the beginning of the week or the night before.

So, what should you be eating? I'll give you a quick and simple answer, balanced meals. Meals that will fuel your body to maintain whatever energy levels you may need and ensure you're receiving all the macro nutrients as well as micro nutrients your body needs. A meal is not complete without a carbohydrate, protein and fat source. Balance is key in getting rid of that belly fat once and for all!

To ensure that the belly fat is gone and stays gone a diet won't do, you need a lifestyle! So, put away the detox books and fad diet planners we want something that will stick! Our body needs all three macronutrients - protein, carbohydrates and fats - to survive and while there are alternatives out there to "lose weight quick" a balanced diet is the easiest and healthiest way to maintain the body you're after!

To break it down extremely simply, our macronutrients each have a specific role: Carbohydrates are our energy source. Protein repairs your body's cells and regenerates new ones and fats help to transport and absorb nutrients into the body, helps to regulate blood sugar levels and aides in fat loss. With that being said, having one of them missing like so many fad diets do will leave our body missing out on something it desperately needs. They come in all different forms but sticking to healthier choices in moderation will ensure your body is fuelled and ready for the day ahead.


With carbohydrates being your energy source, utilise throughout the day, at breakfast and at your 3pm "slump". When contemplating portion sizes use the food diary to ensure you are not consuming anything in excess. This will ensure you are energised throughout the day whilst still in a deficit to burn fat!

Aiming for 3-5 smaller meals frequently through the day is ideal to ensure you stay fulfilled and maintain blood sugar levels to prevent any crashes or cravings at the 3pm mark when people generally start to fatigue. Yes, snacks are allowed but there's a difference between snacks and snacking! Try to avoid mindlessly munching all day long, you can eliminate that by planning and knowing what your snacks will be, eating protein at each meal - it keeps you fuller for longer, don't skip meals, sip on water throughout the day and understand why you're reaching for the snack - there is always an emotion behind it.

Healthy eating may seem daunting but changing small habits, focusing on them, planning and making healthier choices will ensure you get to your goal! With nutrition contributing to over 70% of your overall fat loss it is the first thing we need to wrap our heads around but it takes time with so much to learn, so utilise the tools Vision offers. Head to the Shopping Tours and understand what exactly it is your purchasing and how to read labels to ensure your feeding your families the best choices, use the Food Diary to plan your days and weeks' worth of food and create your shopping list from there and utilise the recipes on Vision Virtual Training. You'll be amazed at what tips and tricks you can pick up and you'll be on your way to losing that belly fat in no time!


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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