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How to get great results

In this Vision Personal Training article, we expert Personal Trainers show you how to get great results and maintain them! Read more here.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Joe Sprange at Mosman

One of the most important qualities a trainer can manifest is empathy. No one can truly understand the way someone is feeling until they step outside their own emotions and view things from an entirely different perspective. Having empathy fosters a relationship of mutual understanding and respect, which forms the basis of any successful relationship, or in training terms- results. A client will achieve greater results if a trainer can understand their struggle, just as much as the client understands what needs to be done in order to achieve their desired goal.

For me, being both a client and a trainer has provided me a breadth of understanding and experience about embarking on a Vision journey. In some ways, I believe being a client- then a trainer- then a client again- then a trainer again- has remarkably improved the way I treat and train my clients. Here are the top 3 tips for clients and their trainers, that lead to success:

  1. If your goal is weight loss, VVT is an awesome tool to utilise. Remember, there is nothing more effective for fat loss than a client who tracks and hits their macronutrient requirements, and if you are genuinely doing this, the scales will reflect it. When I first started tracking my food, I found it strange and a little tedious, but the more you do it (or anything for that matter), the easier it becomes. It's second nature for me now and it keeps me honest. Also, it's important that your trainer follows you up on your food diary and coaches you through your food choices. It's our job as trainers to keep you accountable, so we need to do our bit too!
  2. Group exercise will undoubtedly make your Vision experience better. Often the hurdle with a new client is that they're nervous and the prospect of exercising with big group of strangers intimidates them. When I joined I felt this way too, but I reminded myself that Vision is an investment- why wouldn't I want to put in a little bit extra to yield a greater return? Group exercise is part of your investment, so come along to the group classes! If your trainer is free, ask them to join you so that you feel more comfortable. My trainer did this with me when I first started and it really helped. Once you have gotten over that first hurdle, you'll keep coming back. Trust me. On the topic of group exercise- as a trainer, it is our responsibility to make sure the class is exploding with energy. What's a simple way to do this? Music. It may seem obvious, but having up-beat, loud(ish) music on during a group class increases the energy and intensity ten-fold. Having been to many group classes, I can honestly say the best ones are always the ones where the music is pumping and the energy in the room is palpable.
  3. Finally, we need to remember that you only spend (roughly) an hour a week with your trainer, but the other 168 hours outside of the studio are just as important if you want to get results. Good trainers will keep you accountable to your goals, so be prepared for messages about your macros, get familiar with taking and sending your trainer photos of your meals, and expect friendly reminders throughout your busy week that aim to keep you on track. It may seem obvious, but it allows us to show you we are invested in your success and it promotes the philosophy Vision is based upon- that you aren't just another number in a big gym, you're a valued part of a tight knit Vision family. 

By no means do I think I have all the answers to success but I do believe that a little bit of empathy goes a long way. This draws back on the foundation of which this network was built- The 4 E's- with emotions being the most important. If you can understand how and why your client is feeling the way they do, you'll have a greater chance of helping them achieve what they set out to do.  


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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