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How To Enjoy The Easter Break Without Breaking The Diet!

With easter brings the chocolate temptation. Let the experts at Vision PT show you how to enjoy the easter break without breaking the diet.
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Weight Loss Articles

By Matt Firth at Kogarah

Ah Easter… the leaves are changing, the weather is becoming cooler, it's the first really big family get together since Christmas…and the eating frenzy begins all over again.

It starts out innocently enough - a few little treats from the 'Easter bunnies' bag you prepared for the kids, or maybe just one Easter bun from the batch you bought to take to your sister's house (you know the one that melted in the car slightly), then maybe there is the final day at the office before the long weekend drinks - didn't someone say one glass of red is good for the heart? A little bit of this, a little bit of that Easter is only one weekend, so why not indulge?

Then comes the reality of it all - one bite turns to two and before you are even aware of it, you have undone all your hard work since Christmas!

Whether your vice is sweets or junk food, cocktail finger foods or baked dinners, or the occasional champagne cocktail, you can enjoy the holidays and still manage not to undo all your hard earned work. Here are a few tricks that we think will help.

Eat before the party.

Often, when we know we're going to be somewhere with lots of great food, we'll not eat beforehand to make room. Try to eat a light, healthy meal at home before you head out to Aunty Cecelia's house for Easter celebrations so you won't be tempted to throw your diet plans away.

Grab a plate!

One of the biggest mistakes we make in party-eating is "grazing". You will eat a good deal more if you snack as you go along. Fill a plate and enjoy it, but when you're done, be done. Also-it helps not to hang out next to the food. Find a comfortable spot away from the buffet table. Your temptation level will reduce significantly.

Make good choices.

  • Raw veggies and fruits are a safe bet - These are a great alternative for snacking on before the real food arrives!
  • Learn to compromise. If you want the cheese, go for it, but skip the cracker.
  • Roasted meats are a great option, and whilst that sentiment doesn't often translate to gravy or mayonnaise - these are a favorite for Easter meals and a good choice on the plate!
  • Nuts, in moderation, are a great source of protein. Yes, they contain fat, but if you want a salty, crunchy snack, choose nuts over chips every time.
  • You know that anything deep-fried is bad for you. Try to be creative and find an alternative. Add some of the salad or veggie options as your side


Life's too short to never cheat.

Okay, you know what foods are bad for you. So does that mean you completely miss out? No! If you want to sample a little of your mum's new dessert, then have a little - but choose wisely! And if you decide it's not all it's cracked up to be - don't finish it. Sometimes it's Ok to not clean your plate - eat the things that really make you happy in moderation.

Beverage Buster.

Alcohol is full of calories. This is not to say you can't enjoy a bit of the celebratory drinks, however, as with all treats - be selective. I live by the rule, "Never drink cheap wine." If you're going to blow hundreds of calories, do it on something you really enjoy. (Maybe you like cheap wine… that's your call.)

Drink plenty of water. Water is a great cleansing agent, helping you process your food. Also it will fill you up, and keep your hands occupied. With a glass of water in your hand you will be less likely to reach for snacks.


If you find that even through all your resolve, you still went a little bit too far at the feast, then try and incorporate an accelerator day in over the weekend. From what you have already learnt, this can help to increase your metabolism and get you back on track.

Exercise -- don't wait till the next 'work day' to get back into the studio!

Maintaining your regular exercise routine, or even creating a new one that fits into your long weekend plans, will go a long way to keeping you on track to reaching your goals! Just because you may not be able to make your PT session doesn't mean you can't walk to the shops instead of drive, take the kids to the park before Easter lunch or catch up for a takeaway coffee and a stroll on the beach with your friends!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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