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How to Eat Healthy at Work!

Find yourself snacking at work? Let the experts at Vision Personal Training show you how to eat healthy at work, it's easier than you think!
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Ben Kayser and Alex Allegrini at Drummoyne

We spend a huge percentage of our time in our week at work or on the way to/from work so it's majorly important to have be organised! Here's how: 

  1. Prepare the night before. Do it while you do the kids lunchbox. Blend a shake, double dinner up, have a similar box to the kids. It takes 5 minutes or less - 10 hours per week on average is how much time we spend on FB! Everyone has time - busy is a decision.
  2. Stock your drawer/fridge! This way you won't get caught out with hungry or on the way into a meeting - some ideas are quick rice cups, cans of tuna, microwaveable veggies, frozen fruits, wraps, cold meats, vita wheats, protein powder and bars, nuts and fruit.
  3. Lead by example and take some initiative in changing the culture - instead of a lolly Jar, get a fruit bowl. Instead of going for boozy lunches for meetings, go for a walk. Set up an initiative where a trainer comes to you for group training or organise an exercise group for before work or lunch time. 
  4. Take part in corporate competitions - march charge, corporate triathlons, fun runs etc. 
  5. Have a blender at work. Means you can make a shake at any time - it's a small investment but means you're never caught out!
  6. Tell everyone at work your goals so they don't invite you for cake for someone's birthday or unknowingly throw your plan for the day out of whack by buying you unhealthy snacks from the coffee shop
  7. Have breakfast - It kickstarts metabolism and makes it easier to resist junk though the day.
  8. Keep a big water bottle at your desk. Easier to remember and track your water intake + takes cravings away!

Our team of expert Health and Fitness coaches help people along their journey every single day with information just like this. If you'd like to have access to that help - contact us! 

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