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How to Keep it Healthy on Holidays

How to keep it healthy on holidays
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Lauren Massey at Brighton

How to keep it healthy on holidays


Let's start by travelling to your beautiful destination.

Whether flying interstate, or taking a long road trip, taking some healthy snacks or meals can save you from eating energy dense food with little nutrition. Things such as protein powder, seeds (pumpkin, sunflower etc.), nuts, crackers or rice cakes, home made chicken wraps, hummus and carrot, home made granola, banana, apple, cherries, jerky, cheese and crackers, home made protein balls, Cobbs lightly salted popcorn, chicken and avocado sandwich on protein bread and water. Taking some time to prepare for your trip will definitely set you up for success and leave you feeling good for the holiday ahead!


Enjoying meals out.

When possible have a look at the menu before you arrive. Be sure to pick out the best option available to you. Tips like getting sauce and dressing on the side, getting extra salad or steamed vegetables to fill you up. Having lots of water throughout your meal and only sticking to one course. Take your time to eat and stop half way through your meal, have a glass of water and a chat, then if you're still hungry eat the rest of your meal slowly.   If the serving size is bigger than you would normally have, ask for the rest to be taken home.


Treat Yourself.

Enjoy one treat per day, you're on holidays after all! Be mindful of what is you're having and be sure to enjoy it. The trick here is to make sure it's only ONE treat per day. Once you've enjoyed your treat, opt for healthy options the rest of the day. If you fall into the trap of using this as an excuse to eat whatever you like, why not try keeping your daily treat to the evening. If you have it before bed, you can't 'ruin' your day.   Go to bed, and then wake up for a nice morning walk!


Enjoy the weather and scenery.

Walking is your best friend on holiday as it's great for burning fat, and it's easy. Be sure to make the most of the scenery and get out for walks. Walk where you can, whenever you can, as this should hopefully offset any extra calories you might consume.


Stocking up.

Head to the local market or supermarket and stock up on beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables to take with you and store in your room/apartment if you can. Another great tip is to stock up on things like canned tuna, rice crackers or something similar, protein powder, oats etc. to make it a little easier to snack on healthy things.



Alcohol can be a killer while on holiday. Your body finds it far harder to burn the energy in alcohol than in carbohydrates. Some tips to remember when it comes to better alcohol choices - try and go for straight liquor and skip the calorie and sugar dense mixers. Stick to lower carb beer where possible. The best low calorie choices are rum and diet, vodka soda, gin and tonic, paloma, mojito and martini.

Recording your food.

Keeping a diary instantly increases your awareness on what, how much, and why you're eating. See how your day went, reflect and plan it a little better tomorrow.   If you've been eating heavier carbohydrate foods such as bread, pasta, and processed foods perhaps go a little lighter the next day with more vegetables, fruits, quinoa, oats etc. If you've been mindlessly snacking, you'll know about it and you can address it.


Raise your Metabolism.

Find a gym near you and get in some weight training! Weight training increases your metabolism, which means fat burning well and truly after you've left the gym. Nothing close to you? Why not download an app that has an easy to follow body weight workout. This will definitely get your heart rate up and help the calorie burn.


Keep checking in.

Check in with the scales when you can. It's helpful to make sure you're on the right track with your holiday habits and if not, it's a good reminder to get in some extra walks or make some better meal choices.

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