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How exercise can improve your Mental Well-Being

Let the experts at Vision Personal Training explain how exercise is not only good for your physical health, but more importantly your mental health.
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Weight Loss Articles

By Nathan Weidemann at Prahran

It's well known that exercise has a large array of benefits for your physical health, from lowering your blood pressure to reducing your risk of developing certain cancers.  But one benefit of exercise that is often overlooked is its impact on mental health. 


It's only recently that society has begun the discussion about the importance of mental health and wellbeing.  Suffering mental health has the potential to negatively impact every aspect of your life, from your relationships with those you love to your potential to work.


One way we are able to take care of and improve our mental health is through exercise.  Not only does exercise improve your mental health, but it reduces your risk of developing mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.  Or if you already have such conditions, exercise can assist with decreasing the severity of these conditions.  This is because of the multiple benefits that are associated with exercise.  One such benefit is that your body releases the chemicals serotonin and endorphins during exercise.  These chemicals not only improve your mood, but have the potential to assist with the chemical imbalance in your body.


Another important benefit to ones' mental health that comes from regular exercise is improved sleep.  Good sleeping habits are crucial to both mental and physical health.  Proper sleep assists in the regulation of your mood, with those who lack sleep often feeling depressed and lacking concentration. 


Exercise also gives you a purpose, a reason to leave the house and socialise with others.  Things that those struggling with their mental health often lack.  For example, many people who join an exercise class, such as boxing, are given purpose as not only do they have a reason to leave the house, but they have trainers and friends expecting them to attend. Boxing, or other such exercises, can also be an outlet for your frustration and anger. 


These are just several of the ways in which having a consistent exercise routine can assist with maintaining your mental health.

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