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How to Eat Out & Lose Weight - 6 top tips to stay on track!

Eating Out ? Enjoy the experience and your results! 
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Deni Curtis at Ponsonby

Eating Out ? Enjoy the experience and your results! 

In our dynamic local area - Ponsonby we are certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out! There are hot new places to eat popping up all the time! When you are following a nutrition plan and eating for results, it can become a legitimate challenge to avoid temptation and not give in to those tempting treats! Living or working in Ponsonby inevitably means you will want to enjoy the social scene - and you can! Here are some trainer tips on how to go out to eat out with friends and enjoy yourself, whilst still staying committed to your goals and on track for results!

Embrace trends for the night! Gluten-free & Paleo menus

We don't have to tell you how many trends regarding nutrition there are! Each with their own merits and flaws. The culinary scene has embraced these trends and so now most restaurants offer substitutions for bread, and pastas. An example might be, burgers wrapped in lettuce leafs rather than a hamburger bun, or pasta made from zucchini! Take the opportunity to order in this way, even if you do not usually follow this model of eating. It will quite often be a better choice than the standard menu items. Feel confident enough to ask the wait staff if any other substitutions can be made - your body, your goals, your choice!

Set yourself up for success - Make Substitutions

Don't spend the night staring at the fries on the edge of your plate! That sort of torture is unnecessary! Simply ask the wait staff to exclude it from your meal, or substitute it for a side salad or vegetables instead. And that bread basket in the centre of the table? Keep it out of reach, or if you are eating with friends who have similar weight loss goals - ask the weight staff to remove it from the table altogether!

Listen to your body

Be mindful of not falling into the bad habits and behaviours that have lead you to this point. Eating in the same way that you have done in the past will not create the sort of results and changes you are working to achieve now. Remain mindful, listen to your body and when you feel full - simply stop eating. Serving sizes at restaurants are usually well beyond what any one person needs to eat in one meal! You can enjoy a meal without over indulging. If you are concerned about wasting food, you could ask for a takeaway box and take it home for lunch the next day.

Make it worth your while

If you are going to deviate from your standard nutrition plan - don't eat fast food! Regardless of your goals, you don't want to be putting that into your body! Select a restaurant or cuisine you really like, that way you will enjoy the entire experience from start to finish! Ideally, you want to select a restaurant that has a wide variety of healthy options to choose from. It is a great idea to plan ahead and look at the menu before you get to the restaurant. This will allow you to confidently place your order and relax and enjoy your evening.

Use Vision Virtual Training to track your Macros

Your daily macronutrient requirement will be allocated by our special calculator based off where you are now and what you want to achieve. This means that each day you will be allocated how many carbohydrates, protein and fat grams you can consume in each day to reach your goals. The food diary will allow you to enter the foods youplan to eat to be able to gage what it is going to take to reach your daily targets - so plan ahead! Before the day that you plan to eat out, ensure you have entered your nutrition for that day - including what you plan on ordering at the restaurant. This way, even if the structure of your nutrition plan for that day may not be can still remain within your allocated macro count! Damage Control 101 !!  

Keep your goal in mind

A weight loss journey is not something that changes you overnight. It can take some time to change the poor habits and choices you have made previously. However, with a strong, positive goal clearly outlined with your trainer the results will be well worth your efforts when you do make the best choices possible when eating out. Don't allow the choices of those around you to dictate what is important to you right now. Remember, that if you are eating for results, you will not need to eat this way forever - there will come a time where you may not have to count your macros daily. But for now, working towards a goal means that you have to hold yourself accountable for each choice you make. You are worth it! You will wake up the next morning, knowing that this time you were able to stand strong in your desire to improve your health and wellness - and be overcome with pride in yourself. Another step closer to your ultimate health and fitness goal.

Keep going!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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