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How Do I Stop The Weight Coming Back On?

Once you've lost the weight, keeping it off becomes the next focus. Let the experts at Vision PT show you how to keep the weight off for good!
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By John Carpenter at Mona Vale

The word maintenance gets thrown around a lot by people who have achieved something with their Health & Fitness, and now want to 'maintain', or in other words, keep the awesome results they've just worked so hard for.

But unfortunately for many people, this means do a little less exercise and perhaps slip back into some old eating and drinking habits, I mean you've earned it right? Well, not entirely, you see this really should be viewed as the beginning of your Health & Fitness journey. You've just worked hard to change your body shape, increase your fitness, gain more energy and feel better about yourself. You did this so you could fulfil other lifestyle goals no doubt - play with kids at the beach more, start playing in your local soccer competition again, look great in your bikini and get out more on that holiday to Bali, or even complete your first fun run.

So, doesn't it seem silly to start relaxing, not tracking your food, dropping training sessions, just when you've gotten yourself ready to launch into the awesome new lifestyle you're creating? Yes of course! Unless… you're not excited about the opportunities you've just opened up for yourself, or feel you don't have anything to get excited for now….

This is where we need to look at what factors are hugely important to keep your motivation high and ensure you 'maintain' those great results for life!

Step 1: Have a secondary goal (post weight loss goal) in your mind from day one. This will be something you're excited to work towards once you're feeling fitter, leaner and stronger. You were excited on your weight loss journey because you were working towards something that was important to you. So, ensure your secondary goal is also important to you, and your motivation will continue as strongly as when you started.

Step 2: Use that new body! Base your daily & weekly activities around exercise such as going for walks, runs, playing tennis, swimming at the beach, skiing holidays, starting a new sport, coaching your kid's sports. You've done so well to get this new body, let's put it to use.

Step 3: Stick to your food diary - it can take months for your body to adapt to its new and improved body composition. Your adjusted macronutrient intake will take time getting used to, but will ensure no weight creeps back on long-term.

Step 4: Stay accountable to weekly weigh ins. Don't become obsessed with your weigh ins, but rather use them as a little accountability tool to ensure you stay on track and catch little 'slips' before they become big gains.

Step 5: Set another goal! Have we mentioned how important goal setting is? Well, that's because it really does lay the foundation for everything else you do and what habits you create and stick with long-term. This ongoing goal setting process should and will become a part of how you live and the lifestyle you create of constant growth and achievement.

So, by continually setting compelling goals for yourself, using your new body daily, continuing your healthy eating habits, and having some weekly accountability - you'll be able to move forwards with your Health & Fitness journey, and in turn - MAINTAIN those great results you once worked so hard for.


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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