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Guide to Independent Weight Training

Not confident to train on your own? In this Vision PT article, we share a guide to independent weight training. Click here to read more.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Emma Unwin at Drummoyne

You have recently made the decision to join Vision Personal Training Drummoyne and
are learning about the world of 'macros', carbohydrates, protein, fats, cardio exercise
and weight training. Your personal trainer is guiding you through either your cardio or
weight sessions. You begin attending many of the fantastic group classes, creating
new friendships whilst improving your fitness and strength, achieving your goals and
losing weight as an added bonus. Your confidence builds as the weight comes off and
you become excited, as there are new things you're willing to try and achieve.

Stereotypic gyms have a designated 'weights area', dominated by testosterone,
stringer singlets and glaring eyes. Fortunately, Vision Drummoyne is not a
'stereotypical gym', nor is it filled with incredible hulks and perfect supermodels
ready to intimidate. The Studio creates a welcoming atmosphere, supportive of
anyone and everyone to do independent weight training.

So! Why not try independent weights? Here are some tips:

1. Don't be intimidated!

2. Begin with machine weights if you aren't confident with your technique,
grip, balance or strength, machine weights are safer and help guide the
movement. For example: leg press, chest press, lat pull down and seated

3. Begin with lighter weights and more reps (12-15 reps) and (2-3 sets). As
your progress you can play around with the rep ranges for endurance,
muscle mass building (hypertrophy) and strength.

4. Challenge yourself once you've built the confidence to do machine
weights, pick up some dumbbells or barbells and complete free weight
exercises. This challenges your stability, core and balance.

5. You can divide your weight training days into days.  Day 1: upper body
exercises, Day 2: Lower body exercises.

6. You can divide your weight session into a mixture of upper body and
lower body e.g. Exercise 1: lat pull down, Exercise 2: leg press, Exercise
3: bench press, Exercise 4: lunges.

7. Allow 24-48 hours between training the same muscle groups e.g. Don't
train lower body Monday and Tuesday.

8. Protein! During your weight session we cause (positive) damage to our
muscle fibres. This signals to our body to repair the damage using
proteins/amino acids, in order to build the muscle up to a level stronger than before your session.

This is how you get stronger!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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