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Find Your Drive

What drives you? Let our experts at Vision PT show you why finding what drives you could be the key to improving all aspects of your life.
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Weight Loss Articles

By Deni Curtis at Surry Hills

"It's not enough to be motivated…you need to find your inner drive. That's what will bring you to the next level."


We all look for motivation, we look for it everywhere, friends, colleagues, Instagram, Facebook, books and even motivational speakers. We are all looking for that one thing that will take us to the next level. Unfortunately, motivation is not permanent but only temporary. I often hear clients say "I am just not motivated" not true. It's not they have no motivation, it's more a case of that they have no drive or passion for what they are doing.

They myth goes that once you are motivated you will be set, everything will be amazing your life will be great and you will achieve all of your hearts desires. But how often have you been "motivated" only for that to motivation to dissipate and go away and fall short? The challenge with staying motivated is motivation is only temporary and can change or disappear from one minute to the next or day to day. How many times have you felt motivated to lose weight or to go for a run, saying diet starts tomorrow, or I'll go for a run tomorrow? Only tomorrow never comes and the motivation is gone.  The point being is does not last.

Motivation is not enough to sustain your journey whatever it maybe, i.e. changing your lifestyle, quitting smoking, losing weight, getting that job promotion. To truly change and progress to your next level you must find your desire, you need to have a burning desire for the need to change. Let's consider this example; who do you think has more desire in this case of two people are going for a promotion in the same company. To be eligible they must hit performance markers and certain requirements for a minimum of 12 months. One is single, currently lives a comfortable lifestyle and can meet all their needs, the other has just started a young family with a spouse and children who are dependant, has responsibility and people to look after; who do you feel has more inner drive to apply themselves to be successful and do what is needed to receive the promotion? Why? Because the drive of a parent to provide for their family is not just "motivation" but a burning drive to give their family the best future possible, failing and not getting the promotion is not an option to this person. This is the difference between motivation and drive. One is temporary and optional the other is a necessity and must be achieved at all costs. Which thought process do you think will pull you through life's biggest challenges? Motivation or drive?

If you can find that inner drive for why you want to be successful or why you want to run that race or why you want to quit smoking, you will have ignited a fire in your soul that will take you to your next level, a level you never thought you had within you.

We are all capable of so much more, the thing that sets apart the high achievers and the rest is simply their inner drive. Motivation is a temporary flame on a match stick. Your inner drive is a furnace the can power a city!! Find this inner drive and you will be unstoppable at whatever task you set your focus to.



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