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Festive Season Tips

Let Vision Personal Training show you how to still enjoy your festive season without the added guilt and ensuring you stay on track! Read more here.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Holly Campbell at Baulkham Hills

Everyone knows that the Festive Season can be a major barrier as a lot of food and alcohol can be involved. It's important to keep your goal at the front of your mind instead of letting yourself slip into bad habits that is going to affect the scale. As personal trainers we see this happen all the time and have noticed the average weight gain is approximately 3kgs - 4kgs. To avoid being a statistic, beat the odds with our Top 3 Festive Season Tips and keep on track to your goal.

  1. Planning, planning and planning

If you are apart of our Vision PT family, you should know all about planning. Planning your food and exercise is something that us personal trainers try to get you to understand as we know failing to plan, is planning to fail. We understand that over the festive season it can get extremely busy but what is stopping you from planning a few days earlier? What is stopping you from pre-filling your food diary a few days before the event, so you know exactly what to eat to hit your macros or getting up 30 minutes earlier to make sure you get in your cardio? It's important to get into this mindset now!

  1. Be mindful of your alcohol intake

Did you know, when alcohol in consumed it becomes the first source of fuel for your body? Did you know, when drinking alcohol all carbohydrates is stored as the body is trying to get rid of the toxin (alcohol) before using the carbohydrates as energy making it a high possibility for your carb tank to overflow? We aren't going to tell you not to drink alcohol as that is probably unrealistic for some, we just want you to be aware of the effects it has on your body and weight loss.

Keep these in mind when consuming alcoholic beverages…

  • 80kg person / 1 x bourbon and coke = 19mins @ 26 - 32km/h (Calories to approx. burn = 65)
  • 70kgs / 1 x schooner = 30mins @ 6.5km/h (Calories to approx. burn = 157)
  • 70kgs / 1 x glass of wine = 11mins @ moderate pace (Calories to approx. burn 85)

To limit the effect alcohol has on your body and weight loss success, try these tips when consuming alcohol this festive season…

  • Switch your cocktail to a mocktail, same flavour just without the alcohol
  • Choose a low carbohydrate option (low carb vs. high carb)
  • Choose diet soft drink or soda water as your mixer
  • Consider your meals you are consuming that day to avoid an overload of carbohydrates being stored
  • Don't drink for every event! You don't need alcohol to have fun and enjoy the festive season, raise your hand to be the designated driver
  1. Not being afraid to ask…

The easiest way for you to know what is ahead of you this festive season (in terms of food) is to ask. Ask prior the event what the food being served is, so you can orgainse yourself and your food diary. If there is nothing that is suited to you and your health and fitness goals, ASK if you can suggest a meal/bring something yourself for everyone to eat. If you are struggling to think of a dish to make, simply jump onto your Vision Virtual Training app or the website and search for a meal that will fit into your macros.

Don't be fooled by the festive season and use it as an excuse to eat and drink until you can't eat or drink any more. Keep your goal at the front of your mind and plan. We'd hate to see you go backwards or to slip into old habits. You've worked hard to get to where you are now, don't let this be the reason why you undo your hard work and dedication. Enjoy the festive season, don't turn it into the silly season.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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