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Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Sebastian Avellanal at Stanmore

Completing your first event can be one of the most rewarding feelings you can experience. Selecting an event and entering is the first step. Planning and preparation mean you have put in all the work required in the kitchen with nutrition and effort in the gym.  

The sense of accomplishment that you just did something that weeks ago seemed impossible is really something that I wish everyone could experience at least once in their life. Not only to have said "WOW! Look at what I just did," but also to say "Look how far I have come!"

 Once you start it's hard to stop. You will notice the others doing the event come from all walks of life - from kids to the elderly. You then realise that anyone can do it and it's not just for "runners".  Crossing the finish line is when you will feel all the elation that all your hard work has been leading up to.  It is something that you get to share with thousands of like minded friendly faces who are sharing the same feelings.

 Speak to your trainer about upcoming events that you could set goals toward. Everyone has an event they can find a real challenge in. From a 2km run to a full marathon, 35 km walks events to 800km walking trails or even taking the stair challenge up to the top of the tower, there is something you have yet to achieve.

What is your next event?

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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