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Eating Flexibility AND Results

The success of any diet is flexibility. Let the experts at Vision PT show you how having a flexible approach to nutrition is the key to success.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Ruby McMullen at Mona Vale

Calories are what we use to measure energy expenditure and stored energy. This could be the calories we are putting in our body through food or the calories we are expending during exercise or just going about our daily tasks. Determining this energy balance of calories in vs calories out is the key to achieving your desired body composition. Your calories are made up of your macronutrient targets. This is the allocated number of protein, carbohydrates and fat that you should be eating per day to reach your goal.

Your personalised macros have been calculated according to your body type, activity levels, training program and long term goals. These numbers are saved in the MyVision app where you can start to make meal plans that fit this calorie and macro budget.

We want to teach you how to track your macros so you can have more flexibility with your food and room to experiment, eat out and socialise without a diet controlling your life! It is so important to take a sustainable approach that can be maintained! It would be very easy for us to make a generic plan that fits your numbers, yes you would achieve some great results but this isn't sustainable long term! You need to enjoy the process and make it a lifestyle not a boring crash diet.



Everyone is different and you must find what works for you. Some of us like to make a daily plan and follow it every day for that whole week to keep it simple and some of us follow a basic structure but like to mix it up each day. There is no fixed way it is just about finding what works for you and your lifestyle.

Start with your main meals- if you eat the same breakfast everyday put it into the app, save it as a meal and add it to your day. Then see what you have left to work with. I like to add my 3 main meals to my day first then see what I have left and add snacks accordingly.

On the other hand, if you know you are having a big lunch to celebrate or have a social event put this in first. You will have to reduce calories on either side of the day to make it work but this allows you to still socialise while staying on track with your goals. Planning is key!


If you are still slightly off with your macro targets e.g. under on protein or over on carbs you will then have to adjust your portion sizes for certain meals. For example if I am under 20g on protein and over 20g on carbs instead of having sweet potato and 100g chicken I may swap it for pumpkin and 200g chicken.


It is very important that your day is filled with nutrient dense, whole foods not just processed items. When tracking it can be easy to get caught up in adding in protein bars, shakes, yoghurts, foods full of artificial sweeteners, etc. This is all fine in moderation but ensure at least 80% of your day is made up of clean, whole foods. I recommend getting a decent serve of protein (20g or more) in each meal throughout the day. This will ensure you don't fall short of your target.



Similar to above, if your day is filled with processed foods over whole foods you may find you feel hungry and unsatisfied. Volume foods are a massive factor when trying to stay on track especially when you are in a calorie deficit. For example a protein bar ranges from 200-300 calories and will be gone in a few bites whereas you could have a huge salad or even a wrap for the same calories! Be smart with your choices- you want to get the most bang for your buck.


Step 5: ACTION IT!

Now you have your plan that fits your calories and macros you can sit down write your shopping list and start prepping your meals. This will ensure you stay on track throughout the week as well as saving lots of time.


It can be overwhelming at the start but taking the time to sit down, plan and prepare will be invaluable for your fitness and health journey! You may not get it right the first time but in no time you will know exactly what works for you, what your body feels best on and be smashing those goals!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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