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Dieting And Social Life? Heres How To Have Both!

Why can't you have it all? In this Vision PT article, our expert trainers show you how you can keep a social life and still achieve your goals!
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Darren McInnes at Gymea

We see so often, clients able to stick soundly to their nutrition plans throughout the week only to blow it completely out the window over the weekend. Most people think "dieting" or eating in a way conducive to your goals means that you can't have a social life as well. At Vision Personal Training we know this is wrong, here's how you can have both!


1. Firstly don't be embarrassed that you're looking after yourself and eating well. You work hard during training and want to maximise those results by watching what you eat. It's ok to let your friends or family members know that you're watching what you eat and trying to improve yourself. If anyone makes you feel guilty or embarrassed about that then it says more about them than you. We often talk about our circle of influence and how they should be a positive support to you, this is an example of exactly that.


2. Don't feel obliged to share meals. You can still go for dinner with friends and order your own meal. This allows for a great night out whilst keeping control over what food you consume.


3. Reduce your calories during the day so that you have more room to move within your macros for your social event. For example, you might look to have a lighter lunch and breakfast when you know you're heading out for the night. Keep these meals basic with a protein source and salad or veges and you will be able to splurge a little in the evening.


4. Order something you can easily track. Choosing a lean protein option like Chicken or steak with a salad (dressing on the side) still makes for a yummy option whilst keeping you within your macros. A stir fry is also a good option, again aim for a lower calorie sauce like Oyster or soy sauce.


5. If you are going to drink then the best option is Vodka and a zero calorie mixer like soda water or Coke zero. Red wine is also a decent option. Another tip is to avoid getting into a shout with others. Drink at your own pace and try to limit the total amount you do have.


6. Still track your food & alcohol. There is no need to go off plan when you're out. You can still roughly track your macros through your VVT food diary using the knowledge you have built up over time from tracking.


7. Decide what's more important - letting loose on a night out and potentially slowing your progress towards your goals, or still applying some of the tips above and having a night out without jeopardising your progress. Sometimes you will choose to go all out, go completely off plan and as a result not see the progress you would have liked and that's ok!

Just get back on track, plan the next day and keeping working hard towards your goals.


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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