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Beat the 3pm sugar cravings at work today!

Does 3pm come around at work and you are reaching for the snack drawer? Let Vision PT show you some simple tips to avoid self sabotage.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Jack Smith at Southport

The key to beating this tough mid-afternoon hunger crave is preparation. Being prepared with healthy snacks at the workplace, in your bag and knowing where to get quick healthy products while on the run, can help minimise reaching for the convenient, less healthy options that seem so readily available at stores or in vending machines.

Some easy options that you can have on hand to get through the day:

  • Low-carb protein bars are a great option, as they are small to pack in your bag and can even be bought by the box to leave in your draw at the office.
  • A shake is another "life-jacket meal" that will offer a high protein/low carb hit. Simply leave your tub of powder and shaker wherever you may be during this danger-period to ensure you are prepared if you are in need of a quick snack to keep hunger locked up until dinner.
  • Shaved turkey breast, chicken tenderloins and other lean cuts of meat can be stored in small Tupperware containers in the fridge and provide a high protein snack right when you need it.
  • Hard boiled eggs are another great way of getting your protein intake.
  • Pre-portion some nuts into a snap-lock bag which you can then just grab if you need and know exactly the macros involved

The advantage of having high protein snacks is that they will typically keep you satisfied for longer compared to higher GI foods and will help get you through to your next meal. Having these options on hand will also help you if get caught working late or away from home for longer than planned.


Happy snacking




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