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Back to basics for best results!

Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Dane Purcell at Gymea



Getting fit and healthy can often be a daunting and frustrating experience for many of us. Although the goal outcome is both an improvement in fitness and health, the long road to achieving your goals can be arduous at best.

It can be difficult to navigate our 'goal path' when there is an abundance of excellent (and terrible) advice and information, easily accessible from the internet.
What information is the best?
Does it apply to me?
How do I do it?
[insert pseudo-celebrity name] is doing this, should I do that too?

These are all excellent questions, and questions you should be asking yourself when you continue on the road to achieving your goals. But the devil can also be in the details, and often those details can lead us to stalling with, what I like to call, "Analysis Paralysis".
Over-thinking the little things, getting 'itchy-feet'; changing your meal plan and/or training, or simply getting bored with what you're doing is the fastest way to stop momentum and net you a plateau in your progression.

One of the best ways to circumvent lack of progression is to take everything back to basics - back to what works. It may not look or sound fancy, and can be down-right boring, but it works.

  1. Track your macros.

I don't need to say it, but I will. Tracking your macros is the simplest and ironically fastest way to ensure your progress is on track. Your macros are based on your Bio-scan result and are specifically tailored to your current goal; weight gain, fat loss, or maintenance. Take control of what you can with your macros, and make them work for you. Where possible, weigh out your food accurately. I.e. weigh all food prior to cooking it.

  1. Plan/Prepare.

Planning and preparing both your food and training is paramount to success. And of that success a significant portion of it could be based on preparation and planning. Writing out your food plan for week helps to ensure you remain on track and within your macro goals each day/week.
Additionally, planning your training schedule will keep you accountable and aware of what is coming in the week. Commit to a sustainable and realistic training program to maintain continual progression each week.

  1. Goal Setting

Your journey is defined by the goals you set, so make them SMART.

  1. Specific.

Goal setting isn't just for body image or weight either. Ideally, you should be setting a physical/fitness goal that coincides with your bodyweight/image goal. This can be as simple as learning to do a bodyweight pull up, or as challenging as a triathlon. Just remember to use SMART to set these physical goals as well.

  1. Training Properly

Going hand in hand with all of these is learning how to train properly. Someone who has committed to completing a triathlon should not be lifting weights 5 times a week. They need to be out swimming, running and cycling on a routine basis, and following a strict triathlon training program.
Training and exercise prescription should be used in unison with your bodyweight goal, and they should be used to support one another. That means, you should not be 'chasing the deficit' with your training program. The old adage is true - you can't out train a bad diet.


The journey to better health and fitness is long and hard. Rest assured, you can make it easier for yourself and continue to make weekly progress by following these 4 basic steps.

If you need further help and advice with your nutrition or exercise prescription, talk to your trainer. We are always happy to help you reach your full potential and achieve your greatest goals.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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