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Art Of Transformations Part 1: Psychology

We know how important it can be to educate yourself surrounding all things health and fitness. Read this article by Vision PT to find out more.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By James Clare

Whenever i consult with a prospective client looking to transform their body and health I go into great detail about the changes that will be required. Its important that the client understands what is expected of them. Does the feeling of change excite or put fear into the client?

Whether the goal be a scary weight loss goal or setting a huge fitness goal the psychological approach requires the same commitment to change.

Change is very often the one thing that people fear so much. Its also a massive reason why so many people fail to get a result. You have to understand that the person who you are today is not he same person you will be at the end of your transformation journey. You will change as a person, you will have more knowledge and awareness of your health, you will develop confidence and you will likely develop a new set of values and beliefs.

By the end of the transformation process you will likely have a new circle of influence by consciously surrounding yourself with a new set of friends, those that share your passion for healthy living. Only when you accept that change is a part of the process will you be in a position to achieve your health and fitness goals.

So many are held back because they are afraid of breaking away from the norm. They continue to sit in their little bubbles and pretend things will be ok whilst attempting crazy diet plans and the latest fad workout routines without actual commitment to change.

Do you want to stay the same? Or are you ready to take your life to the next level and feel good about yourself?

There isnt one single nutrition or training program that can help install the passion required to achieve the results your after. That has to come from you. There are plenty of examples of average transformations and there are exceptional transformations. the mind set you start out with will determine which result you end up with. You have to ask yourself - how bad do i want this?

From experience the clients that completely submerge themselves in the journey are the ones who get the best results. They decide to block out everything else around them and set their health and fitness as number one priority in their lives.

For anyone thinking of starting a body transformation make sure your ready from day one. Give everything of yourself and apply all the tools you receive by being a client with vision - Your results are waiting for you


James Clare

Mona Vale Studio Manager



*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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