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Are you race-day ready?

Do you have a race day coming up? If so, are you race ready? Vision PT show you how to be prepared when turning up on race day to give it your all!
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Weight Loss Articles

By Vision St Ives at St Ives

With less than a week to go until the Vision St Ives crew take on the Blackmore's Running Festival, you may be wondering what final preparations you should be making over the next few days.

As always, we're here to help!


Race week training plans

Here is what your training program should roughly look like this week if you're running the 9km, according to the event organisers:

Monday - 30-minute strength program (if you're weights PT is scheduled for another day, head into the studio and access your program via VVT).

Tuesday - 30-minute easy run (join our 6am run club!)

Wednesday - Rest

Thursday - Intervals - 200 metres fast, then 200 metres easy x 6

Friday - Rest

Saturday - Rest

Sunday - Race!


If you're running the 4km, this is what your week should look like:

Monday - 20-minute strength training program (if you're weights PT is scheduled for another day, head into the studio and access your program via VVT).

Tuesday - Intervals - 2-minute run - 2-minute walk - 2-minute run x 3 (join our 6am run club!)

Wednesday - Rest

Thursday - Go for a 20 to 30-minute walk adding in three 15-20 second sprints at the end.

Friday - Rest

Saturday - Race!


If you are unsure of anything, would like any further advice, or would like us to show you some awesome dynamic stretches to get those muscles ready for action at the start-line, then grab any of our friendly trainers on the gym floor this week.


Race-week nutrition

Keeping an eye on your nutrition this week is also of utmost importance.

No need to carb-load the night before if you're only running a short course. But if you're going the distance, then this is the time to chow down on a nutritious meal incorporating some bread or pasta to top those glycogen stores up. Beware wholegrains that are high in fibre (definitely an exception to the rule!) as they can lead to mid-race stomach issues.

When it comes to the big day, aim to eat two to three hours before the race starts if possible, although getting a good night's sleep is definitely the priority. You can always have a lighter meal made up mainly of carbohydrates an hour or two before the gun goes off - think bananas, or a slice of toast. Maybe give the oats a miss just this once, as the high fibre content has been known to result in mishaps during the race.

We'll help get you back on track with your normal eating habits after you've re-fuelled post-race, and after we've stretched you out at the finish line of course!

Good luck Visionaries!

*Photo image from Blackmores Running Festival

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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