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Are You a Role Model?

Are you a role model for those around you? Vision PT will show you how you can create healthy habits to be a positive influence on those around you.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Robbie Mattei at St Leonards

In your journey, you are working hard in order to achieve your goals and you have people around you that support or (sad reality) hinder you.

One of the first steps you will discuss with your trainer is sharing your journey with your Circle of Influence. The purpose of this is to help them understand what you are aiming to achieve, but more importantly why you would like to achieve it, i.e. the glorious benefits you, and maybe even them, are going to receive. By taking this crucial step you might be able to change the mind of those "negative influences" and turn them in positive ones - particularly during the tough times.

That is what I call being a leader.

Showing our family members, friends or colleagues positive change is an honourable living method that takes place without big acclamations, without posts on social media and without the judgement of, well, those who ultimately don't matter.

We educate those around us with what we say, even more with what we do, and so much more with what we are.

How can we possibly expect a new generation to act positively if we are the first ones establishing and continuing with bad habits?

Have you ever thought about the impact your being has on those you surround yourself with? You may not realise it, however, there are some people who are easily influenced by those closer to them.

Are you focusing on smaller weekly goals in order to achieve your bigger longer term ones? Are you making sure that what you learn from your experience is then going to help your closest people? Are you being a leader by taking the first step and having ownership of the portions to put on the table?

By making little changes in your life, you will get some consistent results. That creates opportunities for you Circle of Influence to notice your results so then it will lead to questions and willingness to know about it.

Have you ever asked your trainer if they have gone through a similar experience before you? If not, then please do it. I guarantee they will be happy to share their journey with you and discuss the changes they had to make in order to reach their goal. Apart from personal achievements, there would have been many lessons learnt that can then be shared so you can also have insight and information to make your program work best for you.

If you can get your goal and discover a new healthier lifestyle then the game is in your hands and you can lead your closest family members and friends to do the same with their lives.

So, do you have anyone around you who is in need of help? Someone who you really care about who may be overweight, battling with stress, has high blood pressure, or is generally unhealthy?

Are you being a very good person who helps the people in your heart?

Are you a role model for them by changing your negative or unhealthy habits into positive and healthier ones and sharing those new habits with them so they can also benefit from your experience?

Do you believe in the power of the leadership and the difference you can make in their life? Or are you potentially being selfish?

Ask yourself.



*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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