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The Benefit Of Personal Trainers

Let the experts at Vision PT justify why a Personal Trainer is worth every cent.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Nick Davidson at Neutral Bay

Are Personal Trainers worth it?

 The short answer: absolutely!

Below I'm going to go through a few points that must be considered when deciding whether to get a Personal Trainer or whether to go it out on your own.


Step 1

To begin with you must know what you want to achieve and that way you can start the hunt for the right path to take to achieve your goals, on your own or with the services of a Vision Personal Trainer.

  • Time poor society.

Whether it be cleaning, cooking, or even walking our dogs! We all live in a time poor society where we try to outsource as much of our chores as possible and yes health & fitness also falls into this category. It is important to make sure that yes we are outsourcing to a professional to take the reins but we still need to focus on educating ourselves in the process as the only way to truly achieve long term results is to understand how our bodies function and what works!

Haven't got time? Try a time audit and make time! See Vision PT Neutral Bay Alex Campbell's article on this.

  • PT Phenomenon.

Once upon a time PT's were just for celebrities and just like any new fashion trend, service or product, if they have it we must have it. But more importantly if it works then why wouldn't you?

In today's day and age many people have a support team of therapists, trainers, coaches and more that are all working together to undo the damage of the years or work towards the best version of yourself.

A Personal Trainer is a premium service and if you want to look like the celebs then why not!

Surround yourself with positive influences and you will head in the direction of your goals.

  • Education - Lift your lid.

You either have to be willing to do the research yourself or find someone that has already done it and learn from them. Like I mentioned earlier, yes the trainer is there to help you, coach you, train you, but most of all educate you!

Realistically you will only see this accountability partner for 10% of your week so if you're looking for results you'll need to make sure you know what to do in the other 90%, if you want long term results that is!

There is a difference between being educated to make smart nutrition and training choices and just training the house down without any foresight.

Education is key so make sure you are learning by yourself or by listening up to a knowledgeable trainer and don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you can!

  • If you're going it alone make sure you are willing and if you're after a PT they aren't going to do it for you so make sure you are in it for the right reasons.

You will be educated, you will be trained, you are outsourcing the planning and the technical work but we have to be realistic and make sure that when we start with a Vision Personal Trainer that we actually know what we want to achieve and are willing to do what it takes.

If you are not ready yet…..that's ok.

If you are not sure yet…..that's also ok.

But when you have that reason or it just becomes so painful that you are over it and are ready for some help…..well then it's time to make that call.

People change for 3 reasons.

  • They hurt enough so they have to change.
  • They learn enough so they want to change.
  • They are given enough so they are able to change.

Find your path and take action!

  • PT's for different reasons.

Weight loss, fitness, muscle gain, pre and post natal training, there are multiple reasons for seeking out the help of a Vision Personal trainer.

All are worthy of having a shot on your own as well and if you can achieve this, great! But if not or you just aren't sure of what you are doing, that's where a PT can be perfect.

It may be the technique of a weight training session, the short time-frame of wanting to get that flat stomach back post baby, perhaps a training program for a marathon, or just that stubborn last 5kg of fat that won't come off!

Vision Personal Trainer's are here to guide you through the process and put your goals first with a program tailored to you!

  • Picking the right PT for you.

This is important. There needs to be a balance, one of rapport and results.

Yes, you need to get along with your trainer but you also need to be able to open up and be honest about firstly what you really want to achieve and get out of the Personal Training and then throughout the program as feedback fuels the fire that is 5 Star Service!

Results, they are what you are there for so they are just as important!

The great thing about us here at Vision Personal Training is that we have a systemized approach to achieving your goals. You are in safe hands and can have piece of mind that your hard work is recorded every session and your progress is tracked.

So be upfront about what you are wanting to achieve and never be afraid to let them know how the service is, as it will only benefit you.

You should be comfortable with your PT and feel like you are making progress from the start!

  • Accountability is key.

When it comes down to it, if you have tried over and over again to go it alone there must be something missing. Whether you have downloaded a program from the net or just try your best to be a disciplined machine there may be just one game changer that can make all the difference. For a lot of people with a Vision Personal Trainer it is literally just having to front up and having the support of someone ask how your last week went, got your training in? How many alcoholic drinks? Confidence that you are on track to your goals?

This accountability can be make or break to seeing a program through and actually going the distance to achieve your long term goals and even going beyond them!

"You can only expect what you inspect".

Do you have someone holding you accountable to your goals?

  • Trainers need trainers.

Personal Trainers can have amazing discipline and their body's can be their "temple" but as human beings we do enjoy life as well even though our profession can give the appearance that we spend 24/7 in the world of health & fitness. So even we admit to having training buddies and keeping each other accountable, at Vision Personal Training we believe that everyone can use a Personal Trainer no matter what the goal, we all need a little support.

We do have a natural human need and instinct to work together. We release a hormone called oxytocin when we help someone out or see someone being helped or achieving progress and not only does it make us feel good similar to the dopamine hit of getting 100 Facebook likes but it actually lasts longer and creates a response that you will want to repeat. Not only do we need an accountability partner for our own training and discipline but naturally it feels better to work with someone towards each others goals.

  • Finally - will you do it on your own?

Ultimately the choice is always yours and yes there are people out there who can hit their goals and help themselves but we are not all the same and for the majority of us we need the human connection and the support crew cheering you on every step of the way.

Still not sure? That's ok! Get out there and have a crack on your own and if it doesn't work out or you're keen to see what we are all about, we can't wait to meet you!



  • What is your number 1 health & fitness priority at the moment?
  • Why do you want to achieve this?
  • Why now? What's changed?
  • What's holding you back?
  • Out of 10 how important is it for you to achieve this?


Come see us when you're ready, here at Vision Personal Training we build communities transforming peoples lives!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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