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Accelerator Days: What, Why, When and How

What is an accelerator day? Let Vision PT explain what accelerator days are, the benefits, when you should do them and how they can help!
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Alex Allegrini and Ben Kayser at Drummoyne

An Accelerator Day is a great option for those who have started to really master their nutrition tracking and looking to accelerate their progress. What, why, when and how is all answered!

  • What is an Accelerator Day: 30g-40g carbs or less - protein and Fat intake as per normal personal Macros
  • Why? to induce ketosis - body using a higher percentage of fat as an energy source 
  • Great for short term results and hence motivating
  • On these days, we recommend that all your meals and snacks include only high protein / low carbohydrate foods. For example, eggs, cheese, beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, pork, tuna, salmon, nuts and low carbohydrate protein bars /drinks.
  • Avoid starchy carbs such as: starch based vegetables (potato, pumpkin), breads, rice, pasta, and cereal
  • In order to remain satisfied and keep your metabolism elevated, ensure that you have at least six servings of high protein / low carbohydrate foods per day.
  • If cravings - have another high protein/low carb snack
  • Difficult to do and may give headache as water is harder to store - drink enough!
  • Set a day each week - Monday is good as it sets the tone for the week - also on a rest day
  • No more than 1 per week

Here is a quick sample menu:


Scrambled eggs with ham and veggies, Omelette, Protein Smoothie, Protein Pancakes


2 Rye Cruskits with cottage cheese or ham and avocado or 100grams yoplait forme' yoghurt or 2 sticks of celery and 10grams of peanut butter.


Tuna/Chicken/Beef salad or omelette/frittata


Lettuce wrap with tuna/chicken/protein or low carb protein bar or Vision Protein shake with water.


Protein with salad and cauliflower/pea mash, San Choy Bow, Zucchini pasta or cauliflower rice, Omega 3 complex (2 capsules).


Lite aeroplane jelly, greek yoghurt with nuts, homemade protein bar/ball, 

Alternatively, you could use the Accelerator Day Filter in the Vision Menu's to filter through the 1000's of recipes on VVT. 


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*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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