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9 Clever Ways To Help You Reach Your Goal!

Here at Vision, we are weight loss experts! In this Vision PT article, we share our nine clever ways to help you reach your goal successfully!
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Bradley Brandl at Drummoyne

Here are a couple of quick, actionable steps that you can take ASAP to move you towards your goal faster!

9 Clever ways to help you reach your goal!

1. A Sunday junk food clean out

Every Sunday spend some time going through the cupboards and fridge to get rid of any unwanted junk foods that build up over the week that you don't want tempting you throughout the week

2. Trim down on social media

Facebook and Instagram can be full of food and sweet treats for you to look at which can make cravings a little bit harder to turn away from.

3. Tweak your grocery list

Have a look at your weekly shopping list and make sure there isn't anything on there that shouldn't be! You are less likely to buy snacks if it's not on your list.

4. Remove one junk food a month

Maybe its chips, salty peanuts or chocolate. Trying to eliminate just one thing may make it easier to keep it away.

5. Make sure you have a safety food for any danger times

If you're stuck in the car, stuck at your desk or on the bus make sure you always have something to grab if needed. Protein bar, muesli bar, yogurt or anything! Keep it in your handbag, in your glovebox or in your desk drawer. 

6. Never let the fridge be empty!

If you have an empty fridge, chances are pretty high you will order take away!

7. Have a safety restaurant!

If you have a local favourite with a healthy option, make that your safety go-to takeaway if you aren't able to prepare a dinner at home.

8. Parental control yourself

You can control what comes on your tv or your phone, you can limit the amount of food advertising you see each day as well!

9. Manage a lolly stash

Don't have your lolly stash where you can always see it because it will temp you if it's in plain sight!


Our team of expert Health and Fitness coaches help people along their journey every single day with information just like this. If you'd like to have access to that help, contact us! 




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