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8 Weight Loss Tips For Success

Here at Vision, we are about long-term, sustainable weight loss. In this Vision PT article we share our eight weight loss tips for success.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Joel Baur at Pyrmont

  1. Cleanse your environment - throw out all unhealthy food items from your workplace and home. You must cleanse yourself of bad foods and drinks. (i.e.) cordial, flavoured milks and alcohol. Surround yourself with healthy options, this will eliminate temptation. Set yourself up for success by creating a healthy item shopping food list. Stock your kitchen with healthy, convenient foods.
  2. Ignore the trends - stay away from fad diets, you are only sabotaging yourself following any restrictive and unrealistic diets. These fads are very clever in their marketing campaigns beware of their emotional pull and their secret easy fix claims.
  3. Seek out a professional - professional advice is best. You will need advice on nutrition and exercise. This person should be able to set you proper goals and effectively communicate the expectations in order for you to be successful in achieving your goals. Accountability works best along with ongoing education and support. Personal training is a great investment for yourself and to fast track your results.
  4. Circle of influence - stop hanging around with people/friends/family that are not supportive of your goals. They are not ready or willing to change their lifestyle but you are. It is time to surround yourself with new people that understand you and are supportive of your goals.
  5. Partner up - find someone to do it with. Someone that is willing to make the changes. Ideally someone with the same fitness goals and willing to make different lifestyle choices. (i.e.) No drinking, no eating desserts and instead exercise together, shop together and cook healthy meals together.
  6. Preparation - Yes, you will need to prepare healthy snacks and cook healthy meals. You need to control this aspect of your life. It comes down to responsibility and time management.
  7. Motivation - you will need a huge amount of motivation to get started and even more to keep going. Tap into your true motives for weight loss by honestly admitting why you want to lose weight. Emotional drivers are your best weapon and help you stay committed for the long haul.
  8. Nutrition and exercise - find the healthy foods that you like and explore the different combinations of ingredients to really get you excited about healthy eating. Do the type of exercise that challenges you that you also enjoy. Exercise doesn't necessarily need to be fun, it just needs to be rewarding and deliver results.








*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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