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8 Ways To Survive Work Drinks & Parties & Stay On Track For A Weight Loss Goal

Let Vision PT show you how you can socialise and still achieve your goals with our eight ways to survive work parties and stay on track!
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Marcus Duharty at Drummoyne

8 ways to survive work drinks & parties & stay on track for a weight loss goal 

The last point is my favourite & personally what I tend to do...

 Disclaimer: The goal here is moderation. You may have to drink less. Unfortunately, we're not calorie free alcohol producing wizards


1. Drink bottles instead of schooners 

 There are around 50 calories less per bottle of beer than in a schooner

 If you plan to have a few over an afternoon or evening that can easily add up


2. Order wine by the glass not the bottle

 We all know it's "a shame to waste" the last glass or 2 of the bottle, and you're much more likely to drink the full bottle if you order one

Just like biscuits if you just want to have a couple it's almost impossible to do if you have more than a couple in front of you


3. Drink dark glassed bottles 

 The idea is to hold onto this beer a bit longer than normal

 Being darker glass it's harder for friends to spot you're running low, and get the next round in 

 It's also harder for the bartender to suggest "Another beer guys" 


4. Eat beforehand 

 This has two benefits 

  • You're not hungry so you are less likely to eat 
  • Drinking on an empty stomach means you feel the effects quicker which means worse decisions and the chance you'll drink more

 Worse choice decisions mean when you do get hungry the chances of you eating something in line with your overall goals is pretty much non existent  


5. Drive 

 Ok this one is super obvious 

 But who's really going to argue with "no more for me thanks I'm driving" 

If you use public transport to get there, make an excuse like "Sorry I have to drop the kids out later" or "I have an early drive in the morning" as we've all heard stories of failed breath tests early the following day


6. Manage your week 

 Less calories the day before means some in reserve for Friday drinks 

 A Saturday run may help burn off any extra calories consumed 

 Accelerator days before and/or after are great, ultimately this only works if you think ahead and plan

Remember the saying "Fail to Plan - Plan to Fail"


7. If you can't get "will power" get a bigger reason to drink less

 Maybe it's avoiding diabetes or heart disease

 Maybe it's being an awesome Super Mum or Super Dad setting an amazing role model for your kids

 Maybe it's because you don't want to waste your free time with your family on the weekend as we all know we're more tired, less present and more miserable after an evening drinking 

 Or maybe it's just because whatever your mission is it's bigger than an extra few wines or beers


8. Just enjoy it 

At the end of the day a couple drinks at the end of a tough week shouldn't be a big issue and if it's something you enjoy and feel is good for you 

Do it, enjoy it!

Maybe look at making a couple of changes elsewhere, this may be a better option for you

 The Vision Personal Training recommends that if you stay under 7 units for the week, you'll still be able to hit your goal

 That's if you nail everything else of course!


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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