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5 Workout Excuses You Can Overcome

Do you find yourself making excuses when it comes to working out? In this Vision PT article, we share our five workout excuses you can overcome.
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Weight Loss Articles

By Jordie Rowe at Mona Vale

As Personal Trainers, I'm pretty sure we have heard almost every excuse in the book when it comes to avoiding working out. Yes, there are going to be times where you have no time on your hands or that you are generally exhausted but you need to be careful that these excuses don't turn into bad habits.

I'm going to help you understand these excuses and how to overcome them.

I'm too tired

Funnily enough, working out can actually give you more energy and can actually leave you feeling better than what you felt like when you started. Feeling tired definitely isn't out of the normal but you may even need to consider other factors that could be impacting your workouts such as what you are eating and how much sleep you are getting.

I have never heard of anyone regretting that they worked out, so just keep that in mind next time you feel like you are too tired.

It's too hard

Let's be real, pushing yourself and working hard is going to get you results. You can either continue to make excuses and stay in a place where you feel most comfortable, or you can push through it and step out of your comfort zone. How are you supposed to improve and grow if you are feeling comfortable? If you have a particular goal in mind focus on that rather than how hard the workout is. I can assure you the feeling after a workout knowing you've pushed yourself and worked your hardest is so amazing and so worth it.

I don't have time

There are 24 hours a day and you think you don't have time for a workout? People think that the longer they workout for the better their results will be, but that's not the case. Some of the most effective workouts can be done in just 30 minutes. Don't have time during the day? Try getting up 30 minutes earlier, or workout instead of watching tv before bed. Working out doesn't have to take up your time.

Remember, with anything in life, you will find time if it is important to you. So how important is exercising to you?

I don't look like that

You have to remember that no matter where they are at, each person has had to start somewhere. Your goals are unique to you and will be different to your friends, your partners or to the person that you are comparing yourself too.

You have to also remember that working out is more than just for aesthetics. Don't just workout to look a certain way. Workout because you love it, workout because it makes you feel good!

If you consistently compare yourself to others you are already setting yourself up for failure, so focus on being the best version of YOU!

I can't afford a gym membership

You don't need a gym membership to workout. You can workout anywhere you have enough space to move, in the local park, in the living room, on the back deck. You also don't need equipment, all you need is to be creative. There are plenty of exercises that you are able to do without a gym or without equipment. You could even consider an outdoor gym at the local park. Don't rule out cardio either. Running, HIIT, sprints can also be incorporated.

Working out doesn't have to cost a cent, just be innovative and experimental.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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