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5 Reasons We Overeat

Can't get enough of food? In this Vision PT article we share the five reasons why we tend to overeat and how to combat it. Read more here.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Alex Allegrini and Ben Kayser at Drummoyne

1) Mindless eating at social events

  • This is the safe zone as it gives you something to do other than talking.
  • Easy to overindulge with the cheese bowl or chips and guac
  • If you're not hungry - avoid it!
  • If you're hungry - fill up a 1/3 of your plate with the food you set your eyes on and the other 2/3 with fruit and vegies.

2) We're not getting the right nutrients

  • A good example of this is alcohol - It has a high energy content but we still seem to crave pizza, kebabs and burgers - it's because it's empty energy and means we look for something with a hit of quick energy (high sugar) and lots of energy (high fat).
  • Try to eat less refined carbs (refined can mean they've been stripped of nutrients that have a short shelf life)
  • Eat a rainbow - your body needs to be satisfied on a nutrient level not just an energy level
  • Eat more protein - it's denser and keeps you fuller for longer!
  • Add things like lentils, chickpeas or beans into meals for the fibre

3) Misjudging portion sizes

  • It's easy to overeat on portion sizes! Plates are on average 30% larger than in the 70s and we still go on with the old adage of 'there are kids starving in Africa, finish everything on your plate and be grateful!'. It's ok to throw food out! It's definitely not being transported from your plate to Africa.
  • Use scales to start with so that you learn the appropriate servings of different foods
  • Compare per 100g rather than per serve.
  • Some easy examples include - Steak 100g is palm size while fish 100g is hand size, 22 almonds is 30g, ensure to measure oats/cereals as they are easily misjudged!

4) Not enough Water

  • Can be confused for hunger
  • A glass of water 15mins before your meal can keep your stomach fuller for less calories
  • Set a goal or keep a large bottle in sight, this way you're sure to stay hydrated daily
  • Don't skimp on the produce - 20% of daily water intake comes from fresh produce - fruits and vegies. Add them to meals where possible!

5) Getting too hungry

  • Keep meals 3 hours or so apart - this way your body understands the meal only has to last 3 or so hours and doesn't need to be a huge serve
  • Eat a small snack or a shake before going out!


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