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4 Tips To Make Your New Year's Resolutions Last

In this Vision Personal Training article we show you our four top tips to making New Year's resolutions that will actually last and make a difference!
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Youssef Chebbo at Prahran

New Year's Resolutions.

The 31st of December is fast approaching, the day where New Year's Resolutions are made for the following year. A common theme of these Resolutions is improving health and fitness.


"I'll Go Gym Every Day".

"I Won't Eat Anymore Junk Food".

"I'll Start A New Sport To Stay Fit".


While these resolutions are made with good intentions, far too often they are broken within months, sometimes even days of their creation.

However, with the following several tips, you will be able to create long lasting resolutions.


Create Resolutions That Are Achievable

Start small. Start with a goal which, while difficult, is still achievable. Every single one of us are different, we have different strengths and different weaknesses. Pinpoint something you've been struggling with and build the goal around that. For example, if you are worried about eating too much take away, your goal could be that you limit take away to once a week. If you keep skipping gym, make your goal to go to the gym a minimum of 2 times a week. Both goals, while small, contribute to a similar end goal; being the best version of themselves.


Stick To It

Everyone goes into the New Year positive that they'll stick to their new goals. But slowly, over time many people lose track of their goal, letting their resolutions slip and go back to their old bad habits.

Often, this is because we lose track of the reasons and motivations which initially led us to creating our goals.

When you're losing motivation and struggling to stick to your goal, think back to why you first began this journey. Are you improving your health so you're able to play with your children? Are you feeling more confident in your own skin? Are you a good influence for your family?

Whatever your motivation may be, remember it. Use it to re-inspire yourself and help you continue to work towards your goal until you achieve and create another. Continue your journey to becoming the healthiest version of yourself.


Measurable Outcomes

When creating your goal create one which has measurable outcomes. A goal that has a success criteria. Generally, a success criteria will be cantered around a numerical figure. For example, a number of kilos lost, going gym every week for a number of weeks, and so on.

Having a goal which has a measurable outcome ensures that you know what you're working towards, can track your progress and know once it's achieved.

This also allows for celebration once you have achieved your goal, as you are able to clearly identify the changes you've made. Celebrating achieved goals, whether they're big or small, is important. Be proud of the changes and improvements you've made.


Getting Back On The Wagon

No one is ever perfect. Even those most dedicated to their health sometimes struggle to stay on track with their goals. There will be times where we feel as if we're struggling. As if giving up is the only viable option left for us. That our goal is unreachable.

While feeling this way is horrible, it's only temporary. Remind yourself that this failure to achieve your goal doesn't define you. But rather whether you get back out there and try again does.

Remind yourself that goals worth working toward aren't achieved overnight, it's a journey. And the important thing is that you keep trying your best.




*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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