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3 Things To Stop Doing To Lose Weight

Could you be sabotaging yourself? Let Vision Personal Training show you these three things you should stop doing to lose weight more effectively.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Alex Allegrini and Ben Kayser at Drummoyne

1) Stop going on diets

Just because they worked for a friend or a celebrity for a short period of time doesn't mean it's right for you. Any major shift or set of eating patterns that don't fit your lifestyle long term are just WRONG.

Most diets are going to help you lose weight (mainly because they're an improvement on your current eating habits and they also put your intake into a calorie deficit)

Simply put - eat better, move more, drink less (alcohol)


2) Stop setting unrealistic goals

One of our favourite quotes is "We overestimate what we can do in 1 year, but underestimate what we can do in 5".

We see a lot of people coming in (especially around the holidays) and telling me they want to lose 10kgs in 9 weeks. Of course, that's possible but is it realistic that they can change their lifestyle so drastically to suit that program? 6-7 hours cardio, weights training, food prep etc. when if you're coming in with 10+kilos to lose then it's fair to say this would be a MAJOR shift in habits.

Life gets in the way and it is ALWAYS going to get in the way. Someone said to me 'oh my life is just so hectic at the moment, it'll get easier soon' - she's been saying that for years!

Double or triple your intended time - we can all agree that when we hear someone we care about telling us that they're going to drop major amounts of weight in short time frames we worry about their expectations and stress that will put on their mental and physical health

Set smaller more specific goals - I will lose 500g this week by hitting my macros and reaching my cardio target etc. This way you stay motivated!


3) Stop underestimating your food intake

The average Aussie is under recording their food intake by about 400 calories per day - that's two days extra worth of food and calories PER WEEK! The majority of people that sit down in a consultation with us tell me they 'eat quite healthy with lots of salads and protein and the occasional wine - I just need to move more'

Clearly that's not the case and it only takes a few days of filling in a food diary properly to see how far off most of us are when guesstimating that we're eating right.

Weigh things and be specific at the beginning

Commit to your food diary - simply impossible without - 93% of clients achieve their goal when doing it! Everything that goes past your lips needs to go in there


Our team of expert Health and Fitness coaches help people along their journey every single day with information just like this. If you'd like to have access to that help - contact us! 



*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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