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Understand Carbohydrates Part 9

Let Vision PT show you that carbohydrates are crucial to achieving our health and fitness goals - part 9
Health & Nutrition Articles
Health & Nutrition Articles

By Leo Nannetti at Pyrmont

Putting it all together

In the final part of this article series I will summarise the main points from the previous 8 articles. If you have read all the articles as I have released them you may have found conflict with the general information regarding diet and carbohydrates that we are all regularly exposed to on the internet and the gym. I hope that these articles have helped you understand the importance of nutrition and specifically how carbohydrates influence our body composition.


Carb Tank

  • The carb tank is the bodies capacity to store carbohydrates as glycogen
  • The bigger the carb tank the more carbs are stored and used for energy production to fuel intense exercise such as resistance training which is shown to be the largest determining factor in fat loss.
  • By increasing muscle mass we increase the potential of the body to store carbs as glycogen and not fat


How to choose carbohydrates

  • Carbohydrates drive insulin which drives storage of nutrients either as fat or glycogen.
  • Choosing carbohydrates high in fibre we can slow the release into the blood stream resulting in a more gradual release of insulin
  • Choosing carbohydrates with lower calorie density and higher nutrient density will give the body the energy it needs without going into an energy surplus


Carbs, insulin and Fat Gain

  • When we consume poor carbohydrates low in fibre and nutrients our insulin is spiked delivering a massive rush of energy to the body which is subsequently stored as glycogen and fat unless we are exercising
  • Condoling blood sugar through good quality carbohydrates allows a better control of insulin and lower chances of fat storage



  • There are various types of sugars that are present in various types of carbohydrates
  • Processed sugars such as sucrose and sugar syrups namely rice syrup and corn syrup are high in fructose which is metabolised directly into fat
  • Lowering sugar intake is the easiest way to control carbohydrate cravings


Fructose and Fruit

  • By minimizing fruit intake we can better control our sugar cravings
  • Fructose is poorly digested by the body and is converted directly into fat and stored in the liver or adipose tissue.


Cortisol and sleep

  • By correctly timing our carbohydrate intake we can reset our cortisol rhythms for better sleep
  • Cortisol is a catalyst in the metabolism of stored glycogen


Carbohydrate quantity

  • Manipulating carbohydrate quantity is the most effective way to improve body composition
  • Timing and quantity of carbohydrates should be used to facilitate hormone regulation and sleep
  • Cutting carbohydrates is not the answer
  • It's all about the type of carbohydrates you eat




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