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Top 5 Tips To Staying on Track This Easter

Here are 5 tips to help you take control, navigate, and enjoy the Easter period with your loved ones.

By Ruby McMullen, Personal Trainer at Mona Vale

The Easter long weekend is approaching and we know what this means - more socialising, being surrounded by chocolate eggs, more temptation, and this all makes it a little bit harder to stick to your health and fitness goals. It is important to remember that this doesn't mean your health needs to fall by the wayside. One weekend will NOT undo all of your hard work and progress towards your goals. Here are 5 tips to help you take control, navigate, and enjoy the Easter period with your loved ones.

1. Get Rid of The All or Nothing Mindset
If you use the phrases 'I’ll start on Monday' or 'I will try again in the new year,' then you could be an offender of the all-or-nothing approach. The issue with this mindset is that it means you are either ALL IN or ALL OUT, and as soon as something isn’t perfect or 100% on track, you throw in the towel and start all over again in weeks or months' time. Being 100% perfect and on track 100% of the time is completely unsustainable and unrealistic, especially during Easter. So, let's shift this thought process and focus on balance and doing the best we can over perfection. Think 80% whole foods, 20% soul foods.

2. Keep Moving
Use the long weekend to stay active and keep moving. This doesn't mean spending hours in the gym trying to burn off calories consumed. Instead, it might be the perfect time to get outdoors and engage in something active with the family, such as hiking, bike rides, or a long walk. Planning in some type of movement will be beneficial for your overall health and mental well-being.

3. Practice Moderation and Mindfulness
Eating a healthy balanced diet most of the time is what impacts your health goals. Having some treats over a weekend won't derail your progress! Be kind to yourself; Easter is no time to feel guilty for enjoying some chocolate. Try to tune in to your hunger cues and listen to your body—if you want some chocolate, go ahead and indulge. Just aim not to overeat to the point of discomfort or overfullness. Remember, moderation is key.

4. Alcohol
It is commonly believed that alcohol contains no calories. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, and alcohol actually contains 7 calories per gram. Alcohol also impacts sleep and recovery, as well as impairs our ability to make rational decisions. Have you ever found yourself a few wines deep, digging into the cheese board, or in the kebab shop after a night of drinking? Yep, me too. Planning ahead and accounting for the alcohol will help ensure you don’t go overboard this festive season. Here are our top tips when it comes to alcohol:
• Avoid cocktails or sugary mixers, as these are loaded with extra calories on top of the alcohol calories.
• To save calories, opt for spirits with soda water or diet soft drink, low-carb beer, or mid-strength alcohol.
• If socialising, have a filling, high-protein meal before you go to avoid overeating on calorie-dense foods.
• Drive to the event if possible.
• Practice moderation, do you have to consume alcohol at every social event this festive season?

5. Be Realistic
If you are choosing to adopt a balanced approach this Easter, it's important to adjust your mindset. If weight loss is the goal, you may not see a drop on the scale that week, but focusing on maintenance is a great place to be. Instead of fixating on restriction, shift the focus to nourishment, enjoyment, and spending time with loved ones.

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