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The Easiest Way to Start Meditation

If you get anxious, stressed, frustrated or just want more mental clarity and have been told mediation helps but still haven’t started try this.

By Max Freeman, Director at Bondi Junction

  1. Stack it to something you’re already going e.g. Brushing your teeth, eating breakfast or parking your car. 
  2. Make it tiny: Define the smallest increment and set that as the goal and keep it as the goal. This increases your confidence you’ll do it and you’ll consistently feel a sense of accomplishment once done.
  3. Tick it off or reward yourself. Simply ticking off as done will release dopamine and switch in your reward systems which will help reinforce the brains desire to keep this as a consistent habit long term. For me I set 2 minute timer on my watch and complete a super simple breathing mediation where I try to focus on attention on my breathe in and out of the nose. I do this every morning before breakfast and coffee and then tick it off in a habits journal.

100 days going strong and feeling the wins! Give it a try today. 

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