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Many people tend to find themselves wanting to find the best ways to be able to maximise the greatest results for themselves.
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By Joel Olvina, Personal Trainer at Baulkham Hills

Whether you have a fitness, weight loss, muscle gain or maintenance goals, there are lots of services that we provide at Vision PT to compliment your 1 on 1 sessions. There are many factors that you as a Client can focus on for yourself too. We’re all about motivating our Clients to live the best and healthiest lifestyle by empowering and educating them.

All of our Trainers are experts in tailoring an exercise and lifestyle intervention specific just to YOU. We have our group training sessions that build community between Clients with like minded goals, monthly seminars and shopping tours, exercise and food diaries to build your habits and create your new healthy lifestyle.

Our focus is more than just achieving the results but also integrating these habits into your daily living. Great tips to help motivate and push you is by taking before and after photos every 9 weeks in your goal session to visually see those changes. Wear clothes that you are comfortable in when exercising and constantly update your wardrobe to cater to the improvements you have achieved.

Involving your Circle of Influence who are your closest family and friends are more than definitely there to help you reach your goal by them understanding more about your journey. Clients who have achieved amazing results with us have all been determined towards wanting to change their lifestyle. Chat to your Trainer today about some more great tips and involve yourself within the Studio as much as you can today!

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