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Shopping for Success"

Your success starts with what you have written down on your shopping list. Let Vision Personal Training show you how you can shop for success.

By Rachel Leigh at Bondi Junction

Do you find your good intentions and high motivation quickly slip away when you open the fridge and see the only 5 items you are "allowed" to eat? Not only that, but you've eaten the same thing for the past week too! Well you're not the only one… According to recent studies, on average women give up diets after five weeks, two days and 43 minutes. The commitment you have to exercise at the gym is solid. You're sweating it out, attending group exercise classes, lifting weights like you've never thought you would be able to, but the most frustrating thing is the scales don't change. Even as a Personal Trainer my emphasis was on the workouts, because let's face it, the more effort we put in at the gym the more the food doesn't matter….right?

The reality is 70% of weight loss is through making better choices with food. Once you have been given your macronutrients for your specific weight loss or muscle gain programming, a lot of us find that we can't veer too far away from the good old chicken breast with broccoli! Carbs become confusing, which are good and which are not so good? What fat is healthy fat? What other protein choices are there? What about vegetarian and vegan?

The good news is that all of these questions can be answered by attending one of Vision Personal Training's shopping tours or nutrition seminars. As part of your involvement with the studio you will be guided around the local supermarket with helpful hints, tips, dinner ideas, high protein snack and meal prep ideas. You will never look at a plain chicken breast in the same way again. Find out about the hidden sugars you may be consuming and the reasons behind why you may not have been losing as much weight as you first thought you would!

So, get yourself a notepad, a basket or a shopping trolley and speak to a trainer today about jumping into a free shopping tour held once a month on Saturdays. Bring your friends and family along for the journey too! There's a lot of creative healthy ideas to be explored in the kitchen and it's much more beneficial and fun to get the people you love involved too! Our seminars go hand in hand with the shopping tours, exploring healthy fats, carbs, proteins and the reasons why our macros are so important to your success in and out of the studio. We are excited to shop with you soon!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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